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No. A goalie cannot come out from the circle. Unless their stupid enough to take the risk and take their gear off and go to shoot it which would be pointless as you need the goalie.

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Q: Can a goalie take a stroke on the other team's goalie?
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Did it ever happen that the opposing NHL team loans its second goalie after two goalies were injured?

Professional teams do not swap players for single games, although several times teams have traded players to their opponents in a division or league. If both dressed goalies were to be injured in a game, a non-goalie player could dress and take the goal, as has happened numerous times in less regulated play.

How do you take a corner kick?

If someone on the goalie's team kicks the ball on the goalie's line, the other team gets to take a corner kick on them. You go to the corner flag left or right of the opponent's goal and take a kick. Players (defense and offense) try to either block or shoot a goal.

Whats better a bigger goalie or a smaller goalie?

The answer is simple. The taller goalie may take up more space but the smaller one can be better at the game. Its not as much height but skill.

How do you be a good goalie?

It could take years or even maby days of practice.also exercise, and eat healthy and you could be a good goalie

What 4 events take place in a stroke cycle?

Suction stroke, compression stroke, power stroke & exhaust stroke

Is a goalie allowed to take a Penalty in Soccer?

goalies are allowed to take penelties but it could be criticle

In which stroke of a four-stroke engine does a spark plug ignite the gas?

On the third stroke. 1-Intake stroke. 2-Compression stroke. 3-Power stroke (spark) 4-Exhaust stroke.

How does Stroke work?

1st stroke, intake. 2nd stroke, compression. 3rd stroke, power. 4th stroke, exhaust. The 4 stroke cycle take 2 full revolutions of the crankshaft.

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What is the kick the goalie uses to move the ball up the field called?

The kick which the goalie uses to move the ball up the field while in play is called a punt.The kick which the goalie uses to move the ball up the field while out of play is generally a goal kick, however a goalie may sometimes take a free-kick.

How do you play goalie?

In soccer the most important and daring position is goalie. i play goalie and have had many tough situations. you must have lightning quick reflexes and a bravery to take shots to the face. you must be able to dive in any conditions. you must take strenuous training to be able to perform what is neccesary to keep the ball out of your goal. (Defensive help is required)

In football how do you get a first down?

You take the ball 10 yards toward the other teams end zone.