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No, Only the people that are on the pitch when the shootout starts are allowed to take a penalty.

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Q: Can a soccer player return to kick penalty goal once he has left the game?
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Is there a penalty for a player going into the stands?

when the (soccer) game is in play it is a yellow card.

Can a player return to soccer game?

No. Once a player is substituted for, they may not reenter.

Can a soccer player with blood on their shirt switch shirts and return to the game?

yes, as long as they are still not bleeding

How long is the penalty spot to the goal in a soccer game?

Twelve yards.

After penatly shoot-out what comes next in a soccer game?

More penalty shootout.

What is the penalty for not reporting a goalie change to the referee in soccer?

According to the Laws of the Game, this would be sanctioned by cautioning the goalie and the player that switched and showing them both yellow cards.

What penalty prevents a player to finish the game in ice hockey?

A game misconduct.

What are the seventeen laws of soccer?

one of the seventeen laws of soccer is do not grab the ball with your hand Do not fight in a soccer game Corner kick Out of bounds Goalie kick Penalty Free kick

When a goal keeper receives a blue card in soccer do they have to leave the game or does another player leave for them?

In soccer, there is no such thing as a blue card. However, indoor soccer (A similar by distinct sport) uses the blue card to indicate a time penalty for certain fouls. If the goalkeeper receives a blue card, another player will serve that time in their place.

What is the difference between soccer and hockey?

Soccer is played on a field, using your feet, kicking a large ball. Hockey (Ice), is played on an ice rink, using a stick held in your hands, hitting a small, rubber puck. Soccer is played with 11 men. Hockey is played with 5. In soccer, you only get up to 3 subs. In hockey, you change up the players about every 30 seconds. In soccer, when you get a penalty, the other team gets a free kick, and the player who committed the foul could get a yellow card, or a red card (Which ejects you from the match). In hockey, a player who commits a penalty is placed in the penalty box, out of play for a certain period of time (Usually for 2 minutes, but sometimes for 4 or 5, depending on the level of foul). In soccer, a game is referred to as a match. In hockey, it is referred to as a game. In soccer, the field is referred to as a pitch. In hockey, it is referred to as a rink.

What happens if a hockey player is still in the penalty box when the game is over?

Nothing, the penalty is not carried over to the next game (if that's what you're wondering).

How many NHL penalties lead to misconduct?

A ten minute penalty to be served consecutively with other penalties given at the time of the infraction. A Game misconduct penalty, while a ten minute major, depending on the infraction and the extent of possibly injure to a player the offending player may also be assessed a Game Misconduct-Match Penalty, meaning the player is disqualified (ejected) from the game. However, a Game Misconduct nor a Match penalty is require for a player to be disqualified. A player can be DQ'd on a five minute major penalty for certain infractions.