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Here is how to do a back hand spring.

(WARNING: do not try this without a spotter if you have never done it before. You might break your back or neck if you do it without a spotter the first time. If you already know how to do it, and have done it without a spotter, don't do it on a hard surface unless you have had years of experience. If you fall, you might get injured.)

First, do a backbend very fast and before your hands can touch the ground and extend your legs so there straight up in the air. Then spring your legs backwards and you will land in a standing position.

ook i honestly think a front hand spring is better because you have more control, jump as high as you can onto your hands extend your arm or just fall into the bridge possition and pull up so jump to hands bridge feet quit easy

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My answer is no. Everyone has a different approach to both skills. A back handspring may be viewed as harder because you have to find the right combination of leaning back and jumping and blocking that all fit your body type.

Back walkovers may be viewed as harder because you have to start on one foot and trust yourself to keep your arms straight and catch yourself. Also, you have to wait until you hands land before you can kick over.

It all depends on your perspective, really. But I believe that back walkovers may be a little bit easier, though both require the same amount of confidence.

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It is actually just a matter of opinion. I think front handsprings are easier, but level 3 does backhandsprings and level four does front handsprings. A front hand spring can be easier it just depends on how flexible you really are. A back hand spring is way easier if you are strong. You need strength to do a front hand spring. you need confidence, flexibility and strength to do a back hand spring.ont handspring. To help you can use front and balk walkovers.

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i think that they are both the same because it's easier to go over in a front flip but harder to get up and in a back flip it's harder to go back and get over and easier to stand up again!

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Q: Is a front-handspring easier than a back-handspring?
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What is the basic skills of gymnastics?

handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, backhandspring, fronthandspring, back and frontwalkovers, back and front tucks

What is a flip in gymnastics?

It depends on who you ask, if you ask a club gymnast she will most likely say a backtuck, frontuck and so on! If you ask a cheerleader or highschool gymnast they will probably say that its a backhandspring or fronthandspring. Your Welcome!!

What is a Backhandspring layout stepout in gymnastics?

Backhandspring (step down one foot at a time), no handed backhandspring (step out one foot at a time) This trick is usually preformed on beam.

Is a backhandspring hard?

the backhandspring is the hardest thing to learn. onc you get your backhandspring you can get your roundoff backhandspring and back tuck real quick! it is tricky to learn but its like riding a bike when you have it you have it and can do it with no effort

How do you do a toe back?

A toe back is really a touch touch backhandspring. After you land your toe touchjump right into your backhandspring.

How do you do a perfect backhandspring when you can not?

legs together for a start...

What is backhandspring stunts?

A backhandspring is like a back limber but you jump into it only do with proffesionals spotting you do not try by yourself or when no one is looking unless you have a sturdy back handspring

Video on how to do a back handspring?

Go to youtube and type in How To Do A Backhandspring.

I have been cheering and tumbling for 10 years and I still dont have my backhandspring what can you do to get it finally?

Most likely, The only thing that's stopping you from getting a backhandspring is a mental block. Get over that and a backhandpring will be easy.

What are most cheerleader requirements?

backhandspring tuck layout... NEED TUMBLING

Is it harder to do a backhandspring if your tall?

Yes because you have to get your legs back further.

What does senior 4.2 in cheer leading mean?

It means senior level 4 stunts and level 2 tumbling. (backhandspring, round off backhandspring)