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Q: Is a bunt ever scored as a fielders choice and counted as a at bat?
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What is it called when you get to first base on a bunt?

A bunt hit is scored as a single.

Is a squeeze bunt a hit?

It would depend on the situation: - If the runners are all safe and the out went to 1st and the batter was out, then it would be a Sac Bunt - If the play went to any other base/home (no matter if they are safe or out) then it would be a Fielders Choice - If on the bunt, it is determined that the batter would have been safe at 1st even if the play would have went directly to 1st, then it would be a hit

How do you score a sacrifice bunt on the score sheet?

A "sac".Corrected answer:This depends on the outcome of the at bat:***if the bunt successfully advances another baserunner to the next base and the batter is out at 1st then it is a "Sac Bunt" -- no official at-bat***if the bunt does not successfully advance the other baserunners then you score it as an out using the fielding numbers to idicate who is credited with the put out -- this is a fielders choice, the at-bat would count, no hit given***if nobody is on base and you reach successfully to first base then you are credited with a single

If a batter reaches base via a bunt is it counted as a hit?

It is.

Runner on second and 3rd and hit ball to second base and runners move up scoring a run is this a sacrifice or a fielders choice?

If the runner was thrown out at first then it is a sacrifice. Fielders choice is when you couldve easily been thrown out at first but the baseman throws it to a different base to try to get someone else out.CorrectionThis would be neither, the 1st part of the answer above is incorrect, the later part is correct. It really depends on how the play unfolds. If you hit it to 2nd basemen and you are thrown out at first, then it is just scored a 4-3 groundout -- if the player fields the ball at 2nd and throws the ball anywhere other then 1st to get the batter out, then it would be a "Fielders Choice" -- there is no instance in which this would be a sacrifice if you swing the bat and the ball goes to the 2nd basemen (if this was a bunt fielded by the 2nd basemen... it would be a sacrifice) -------tigersy2k3

In the game of baseball if there is a runner on third base with less than two outs and the batter purposely hits the ball to the right side to score the run is that considered a sacrifice?

No. By definition it is not a sacrifice unless the batter is out. The correct answer is yes. The runner can reach base during a sacrifice on a throwing error or a fielders choice.

What are the eight ways to score a run?

I've found 13. Error, wild pitch, passed ball, catcher's interference, balk,hit by pitch, sac fly, sac bunt, walk, hit, stolen base,double play and fielders choice.

If on a sacrifice bunt there is a throwing error is that scored an error or a sac with an error?

Sac with error.

In baseball how close can a defensive player be to a batter during a pitch?

The closest fielders can be is if the batter bunts 1st and 3rd charge up.If the batter doesnt bunt,on the grass.

When you bunt is there a line that you have to pass with the ball?

No. Even if the batter bunts the ball and it stops dead on home plate, it's a fair ball and he can run. He'll be out by a mile, but it's a fair ball. The trick is to bunt the ball just far enough where none of the fielders can get to it in time to throw out any runners.

If a ground ball to the infield scores a runner when they throw to first to get the batter is it a sac for the batter?

This depends on the situation. If the fielder threw to get the runner out and the batter reached 1st due to this, then it would be considered a sacrafice by ruling it a Fielders Choice, and no hit or error would be charged. If the batter bunted and had good placement and was able to reach 1st due to a good bunt and beating the throw, then it would be considered a hit

What is fluke bunt?

fluke bunt is a fluke bunt