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I've found 13. Error, wild pitch, passed ball, catcher's interference, balk,hit by pitch, sac fly, sac bunt, walk, hit, stolen base,double play and fielders choice.

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Q: What are the eight ways to score a run?
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How many ways can a runner score from third base with two outs?


How many ways can you score from second base?

Only 1, you can be Run-Batted-In.

How many ways can a run score?

One, by crossing the plate without being tagged out.

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A Score in baseball is called a "Run."

What does a run mean in softball?

In softball a run is when you score.

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3 ways

Is 100 run score included in 50 run in cricket?


How can you score in rounders?

Home run!!

What a score in cricket called?

A Run

What is it called when you score in softball?

a run

How many ways can you score a touchdown?


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9 ways to score from 3rd base?

hit,steal,sac,walk pass ball wild pitch,balk,hit batter,home run

When you score a point in baseball what is it called?

A run

Can you score a run on 3rd out fielders choice?