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A Batter can only be called out while batting if his feet step out of the box but typically umpires don't follow this rule in Major League Baseball.

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Q: Is a batter who runs up in the batter's box called out?
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Is batters box fair territory?

NO, if the ball bounces in the batter's box the hit is automatically called a foul ball.

Is batter out if he gets hit by ball ouside batter box is he out?

if he is the batter and INSIDE the batters box he gets 1 st base.....if he is outside of the batters box then he does not get 1st base. it becomes a judgment call if the ump calls it a ball,strike or called time.

When is a batter out for stepping out of the batters box?

When 3 strikes are thrown and the umpire has not called time out.

Batter hits the ball with one foot out of the batters box?

The batter is out.

What is the official scoring when a batter makes contact while stepping out of the batters box?

If the batter is outside of the box when contact is made, the batter is out.

Is the batters box fair territory?

No, the batter's box is in foul territory.

Does the batter have to keep at least one foot int he batter's box throughout his time at bat?

No. The batter can step out between pitches and if he is not in the batters box the pitcher can not pitch. However he may not step out once the pitcher is in motion and if any part of him is out of the box when the ball is hit he will be called out.

What player takes position in the batters box?

The batter

What player takes the psotion in the batters box?

The batter.

Runner stealing third base batter stands in batters box catchers arm hit batter in head is runner out?

no. the batter can stay in the batters box as long as they dnt move when someone is stealing third base. if the batter tried to block the catcher tho by moving, the bater is out. if the catcher hits the batter and the batter is still standing in the batters box, and the catcher throws to third base and the third baseman tags the runner the runner is still safe.

Does th batter have to attempt to move from the batters box if a runner is stealing from second to third?

No the batter has to make no effort to move out of the batters box, because most of the time it would have been a swing and a miss, and the catcher will go around the batter too make the throw, and usually the batter will stay in the box as an obstacle to the catcher.

Is batter out of batters box if he has not touched ground on contact of ball?


Does batter have to move out of way for runner to steal second base?

no as long as the batter i the batters box and not on home plate he can remain in the batters box even if the baserunner is stealing third the catcher would have to move to throw it.

Does a batter have to give up the batter box on a steal of home plate?

The batter is never required to leave the box on a steal attempt even if this is at home. Now some leagues might require the batter to move for safety, and it would probably be a good idea to move if you are the batter and right handed, as you will probably only get in the way of your teammate --- however, if you are in the batters box and stand still you cannot be called out for interference... now if you do the opposite, and move out of the box and make contact with a defender, you can be called out for interference, even if you are trying to get out of the way

What are the dimensions of the batters box?

Batter's BoxThe batter's box is 4' x 6' and is 6 inches from the plate.

What if a batter bunts a ball and both feet are out of the batters box and the ball is foul what is the rule?

MLB rule 6.06 states: A batter is out for illegal action when- He hits a ball with one or both feet on the ground entirely outside the batter's box. Comment: If a batter hits a ball fair or foul while out of the batter's box, he shall be called out.

What is the official scoring for the batter if he is hit in fair territory by his own batted ball?

That batter would be called out. If the ball goes directly from his bat to hitting the batter when they are not in the batters box, the batter is out. If a defensive player deflects the ball before it touches the batter then play continues as normal.

If a ball hits the dirt then the batter What is the call?

There is alot of answers to this questions. If the batter is inside the batters box then it is a foul ball even if the ball hit fair territroy first. If the batter is outside the batter's box then the batter is called out. But if the batter is bunting with a 2 strike count and touches the ball inside the batter's box, then he is out because it is considered to be a fould ball and a two strike foul ball bunt is an out. Also if the batter bunts with a one strike count or less and touches the ball inside the batter's box then it is a fould ball but again if he touched the ball after bunting the ball outside the batter's box then it is an out.

Who gets the putout when a batter hits the ball but he is out of the batters box and does the pitcher get a strike out?

The batter is out, scored 2u, not a strike out.

Does the batter have to move out of the way when third base is stolen?

If the batter remains in the batters box he is not required to move. In some instances it might be best not to move, as if you do move and then interfer with the catcher or the throw, you will be called for interference

Does batter have to move when ball is popped up over the batters box?


If the ball is in fair territory and you kick it and have one foot in batters box are you out?

The batter would be out. However, if both feet were in the batter's box, then the batter would not be out and it would be ruled a foul ball.

Does the batter become a batter runner on ball fore?

The batter becomes a runner the moment he steps out of the batters box and is heading towards first base.

What if the batter bunts the ball with both feet out of the batters box and the ball is foul?

The batter is out, per MLB rule 6.06.

When a pitcher is intentionally walking a batter can the batter step over the plate to make contact with the ball?

No, if a batter steps out of the batters box and makes contact with the ball, he is out.