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Q: Is a basketball court a good surface for a basketball?
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What is the best surface to play basketball on?

a basketball court

What is the surface area of a high school basketball court?


Why is the best surface for a basketball court a wood floor?

because it is good for gripping you're foot on the ground so better for them to move around

What is the total surface area of a college basketball court?

4200 sq ft

When a meteorite slams into a rocky planet's surface it makes a what?

A crater. in a basketball court or on a beach mor on Kobe Bryant world

What type of surface is volleyball played on?

Either in a sand pit or on like a basketball court

How big is a pro basketball court?

really good

How much area would a basketball player have on a basketball court?

Share the ball, and be a good leader

Did the Titanic have basketball court?

No the titanic did not have a basketball court haha

How big is the playing surface on a basketball court?

It is 94 feet by 50 feet wide. Youth basketball courts are smaller though. A youth basketball court measures 74 feet long by 42 feet wide. A high school basketball court measures 84 feet long by 50 feet wide.

What type of playing surface must be used for a game of netball?

You can pretty much use a Basketball court.

Is it a basketball court or a basketball pitch?

The correct name for it is A basketball court.

What is the best surface for an outside basketball court?

My school used Plexipave to install our new court, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The kids love playing on it because the ball bounces so well!Flex Court® Basketball Court is on I've heard ofAnother is: Sport-Floor Basketball Court

Where is the wing on basketball court?

Its at the wing on the basketball court bird.

Can you show me a basketball court?

This is a basketball court

What is a basketball court?

A basketball court is a designated, usually concreted, area on which the game of basketball is played.

Is a women's basketball court smaller than a men's basketball court?


Whats the size of a basketball court in square meters?

A normal size basketball court is 30 meters by 10 meters. This would make the basketball court 300 square meters.

What do a basketball court highway and bowling alley have in common?

They all have lanes.

What is required to play basketball?

a basketball a basketball court. and you.

Can you show me a Diagram of a label basketball court?

Size of a 3 on 3 basketball court?

Same as a usual basketball court

Where you play basket ball?

On a basketball court. Normally in schools, there is a basketball court.

What is the square footage for basketball half court?

size of basketball half court.

Why is there a basketball court in the top on matterhorn at Disneyland?

why is there a basketball court in the top of the matterhorn