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No, a ball retriever does not count as a club in your bag.

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No, it is not classed as a Golf club, you can carry one in your bag.

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Q: Is a ball retriever a legal golf club?
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When a golf club strikes a golf ball the force exerted by the ball on the club depends on?

the mass of the ball and club and the velocity of the club

A golf ball hits the club with?

The face of the club.

What is a golf club?

It is a device used to hit a golf ball in the game of golf or it is a member club in the grounds of which golf is played.

How is a golf ball used in golf?

you hit it with a golf club on the ground or on a peg

How do you you called a long thing to hit the golf ball?

A golf club

How do you hit golf ball?

You use a club.

What sport uses a tee?

Golf! In golf, you use the tee, to set your ball on it, then you hit the ball with your selected club.

What is the disadvantage in a golf ball?

The problem with a golf ball is that you have to hit it with a golf club, one of the major drawbacks is that it occassionally doesn't go where you want it to.

What do you call the stick you hit a golf ball with?


Why does a golf ball's trajectory path sometimes curve when hit by a golf club?

The club may strike the ball in such a way as to induce it to spin. This affects the aerodynamics of the ball, and can cause its path to curve.

What is most important in golf ball distance the velocity of the club or the mass of the club?

mass of the club

When a golf ball is hit its momentum is due mostly to its what?

Its momentum is due to the amount of energy transfered from club to ball. There are a few factors in this transfer, the speed of the club head, the compression of the club face and most importantly the compression of the golf ball.