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The ball carrier is not down if his hand touches the ground. He is however ruled down if his elbow or knee touch during a run.

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Q: Is a ball carrier down if his hand touches the ground?
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Is a college football player down only if his knee touches the ground?

No ... if the shoulder, elbow, forearm, or wrist touch the ground the ball carrier is also considered down.

In football if a ball carriers touches the ground with the ball is it a dead ball?

no, it is not a dead ball (otherwise you wouldn't be able to pick up a ball off of the ground on a kickoff or punt). The ball carrier has to touch a knee or elbow to be ruled down.

Is a ball carrier down if his knee lands on tackler?

No. To be considered down the ball carrier must make contact with the ground.

Can a player running the ball touch the ball to the ground to steady himself without going down?

If the ball touches the ground, the runner is down. This is why 'the ground cannot cause a fumble.'

Is a college football player down if he touches the ball to the ground?


What happens to the down if the player with the ball touches his knee to the ground?

as long as no opposing player makes contact of any kind with that player, the ball is still live. The above is true only in the NFL. In college or high school, the play (and therefore the down) is over when any part of the ball carrier's body touches the ground, other than a hand or a foot.

In high school football if a ball carrier touches the ground with the ball is it down?

Each football league will have its own rules and regulations which may differ compared to other leagues.In other words, it depends on which league one is asking about.

Is a player down if the football hits the ground?

No. A player is down when his knee or back touches the ground. If the ball carrier loses the ball before this happens then it is called a fumble, and both teams try to recover the ball and whichever team does gains possession. Yes. The only thing allowed to touch the ground without you being 'down' is your hands and feet. We even have interpretation questions on whether the wrist and ankles are part of the hand/feet to determine if a player is down. If the ball touches the ground, the player is considered down. This is why the ground cannot cause a fumble. If it was a pass and the WR was deemed not in control of the pass, it is known as a dropped or incomplete pass. The player has to have complete control, but the ball can touch the ground. This is determining the completion of the catch, though, not whether the player is down or not.

Is an nfl player down if his forearm touches the ground as the ball crosses the goal line?

Remember the ball does not have to CROSS the goal line.The goal line is part of the End Zone.So any part of the ball that touches or is over (the white line),Goal Line is a touchdown.If the players forearm hits the ground he is down there.But if any part of the ball was over any part of the goal line before his elbow touches the ground then its a touchdown.

When is a ball carrier down in football?

no it is defined as follows: player is down when knee or above, or forearm or elbow is cleary on the ground.

In the NFL is the ball spotted where the ball is at or where the first contact with the ground is made by the carrier I have always spotted the ball where the knee goes down or whatever hits first?

It is spotted at the point where the ball is when the knee hits the ground.

Is a player down in the nfl if the football touches the ground?

yes or if one knee touches the ground

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