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No a back hand spring is when you do a real fast back walkover with you feet together. A back flip is also known as a back tuck and that's when you flip in the air.

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Q: Is a backhandspring and a back flip the same?
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How do you do a toe back?

A toe back is really a touch touch backhandspring. After you land your toe touchjump right into your backhandspring.

What is backhandspring stunts?

A backhandspring is like a back limber but you jump into it only do with proffesionals spotting you do not try by yourself or when no one is looking unless you have a sturdy back handspring

Video on how to do a back handspring?

Go to youtube and type in How To Do A Backhandspring.

Is it harder to do a backhandspring if your tall?

Yes because you have to get your legs back further.

What was the first flip ever to be done in cheerleading?

probally the fist tumble was a forwards roll but the first acual tumbleing was probally a roundoff backhandspring

How many calories does a back handspring burn?

One backhandspring burns 46 calories

How do you do a back flip as Mario on Mario 64 DS?

same as every character

What is easier double back flip or double frount flip?

double back flip

Is three back bend kick over the same distance as one roundoff back hand spring?

It just depends on how long your kickovers are and how long your round off backhandspring. ther is no correct answer becaude everyone does it differently.

How do gymnast perform a back handspring?

Gymnast do a backhandspring by a lot of practice alo it a super fast back walkover with your legs together

What is a Backhandspring layout stepout in gymnastics?

Backhandspring (step down one foot at a time), no handed backhandspring (step out one foot at a time) This trick is usually preformed on beam.

What does a flight mean in gymnastics?

traveling is like when you do a back flip you travel if u don't land in the same place that you started