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Im going into 8th grade as a defensive end and my 40 is 5.4 butt im small for a def end. so your fine. Try to get a 5.1 by the end of the year thats my goal. and also your to fast to be a lineman.

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Q: Is a 5.4 40 yard dash good for a sophomore defensive end you tried linebacker but you'm to slow I am pretty strong for a 15 year old but not that fast should you try offensive tackle or what?
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I am 14 im in the 8th grade im 6ft 165 lbs and im pretty fast what position should you play?

defensive linebacker and wide receiver or corner

Why do defensive linemen have to put one hand on the ground in the NFL game?

They don't, there is no rule that states they have to. One reason the defensive lineman gets in a three point stance (one hand on the ground) is to put him on the same level as the offensive lineman, who also is in a three point stance. One of the keys of being able to keep the offensive lineman from controlling a defensive lineman is for the defensive lineman to have a lower center of gravity. If the offensive lineman can get low on a defensive lineman he can pretty much move him anywhere he wants. This is particularly important on running plays where the offensive line is to trying to open a 'hole' for the running back to run through.

What is a good 40 time for a linebacker?

4.6-4.8 is pretty good. Anything under that is exceptional...

What are the killstreaks in multiplayer medal of honor on PS3?

Its starts every kill after 4 (pretty sure). You then have two options: Defensive and Offensive. Defensive gives you a choice to get a set number of points and help out your team in general ex: match ammo, Flak vests, FMG vests and more. Offensive gives you a chance to get more points but with a risk. You get to control where you want your offensive attack to go (Artillery Strike, FMG, Rocket Strike, etc.) and get 10 points for every kill received. The bas side is that if you get no kills, you get no points. In my opinion, defensive is a better alternative. P.S The Defensive/Offensive attacks become better as you get a higher kill streak. The highest I think is a 14 kill streak (thats the highest i have received an attack for)

What should an eighth grade linebacker bench if he weighs 120?

Well, that's a pretty small linebacker. I'm an 8th grader from Oregon, and am 5'10" 150. I play inside linebacker. I bench 160, so I'd say you should be benching 120 minimum (your body weight) but 130 is a good goal.

What does a lolb do in football?

A LOLB or left outside linebacker has essentially the same role as his counterpart on the right side of the ball, which is to either fill a gap, blitz the run or pass, drop off into zone coverage, or defend an eligible receiver on his side of the center. Specific duties of this position may differ depending on the scheme type being run, but in general, as a defensive player on a football team, a linebacker pretty much has to prevent touchdowns by tackling ball-carriers and forcing turnovers.

Is a 155 psat score good for a sophomore?

Actually its pretty good but remember that the PSAT is alot easier then the SAT. anyways Good Luck!

What is a fast time for 400m hurdles for a high school girl?

I'm a sophomore and I am ranked #1 in my section, my PR is a 65.4, which is pretty good.

What are the players position of lacrosse?

Its pretty similar to soccer positions, theres of course a goalie. Then protecting the goalie is the low defense players next is the defensive wings. Then playing both defense and offense is the center. Next is the offensive wings and lastly is the low attack.

Should a linebacker wear a football visor?

It really do sent matter anyone can pretty much wear a visor i wouldn't suggest it for QB though.

Did you see the Defensive Driving Video they made in Milwaukee,WI?

I did not see the defensive driving video, that was made in Milwaukee WI. Was it any good, I think the actors on those videos are pretty funny to me.

What are the substitution rules for Major League Baseball?

That's a pretty vague question. There are numerous rules pertaining to offensive and defensive substitutions, and they vary between the American and National leagues (mainly because of the DH rule). Most of the substitution protocols are covered in rule 3.

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