Is a 250cc faster than a 450cc?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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Using numbers and computers, you factor in the "cc", hp, weight, etc., the 450cc. Now in the real world you throw out the aforementioned, you have to consider track conditions, the condition of said track will determine which is faster, if the track is hard-packed an some what smooth, the 250 with quicker rpm response and being lighter will have faster lap times, on the other hand the 450 will have better lap times on a heavier, deeper, loamy, soil. You have to consider the type of tracks you will be on and the condition of the tracks, what class you want to be in, and lastly, an probably the most important, the talent of the rider. "A fun note I heard when I was racing", you don't buy the size bike for his Ego, you buy the size bike for abilities.

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Q: Is a 250cc faster than a 450cc?
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How fast does 250cc go karts go?

Probably faster than a 150cc kart

Is 420cc faster and bigger than 250cc dirt bike?

A 420 is slot bigger and is slot faster and also more expensive

Which one to get yz250 or yz250f?

There is a difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke, hopefully you know that part. yz250 is a 2 stroke, and yz250f is a 4 stroke. 2 stroke 125cc is the same as a 250cc 4 stroke. a 250cc 2 stroke is the same as a 450cc 4 stroke. so if you get the yz250, it will be ALOT faster then the yz250f, there different kinds of power. hopefully that helps.

Which is faster a 110cc dirt bike or a 450cc ATV?

It is very obvious that more power engine creates more power and the vehicle moves faster than the less power engine.

What is the biggest dirtbike?

Dirt bikes come in many different sizes are depending are the size you are. There are different sizes for example: 50cc, 80cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, 250cc, 450cc.

What is the difference between a 250 quad and a 450 quad?

200cc of a differnce. which means the 450cc quad is faster and more expensive.

450cc of water equals how many cups?

1.9, a little less than 2 cups

How fast will a kodiak 450cc four wheeler go?

How fast dose a 450cc four wheeler go?

How old is Chad Reed?

Chad Reed is an Australian motocross racer. He is has won two 250cc championships and has won two 450cc championships. His number is 22. He is married and has one kid. He is the considered the best Australian motocross racer up to date. He has beat James Stewart twice for the 2008 and 2009 450cc supercross championships.

Im 14 years old and Im deciding weather you should purshes a 450cc dirt bike or 250cc?

if youy buy a 450 you will kill yourself. I have a ttr 230 and its a good bike and im 15. I ride with guys that have 450s and there 25 and older and they kill themselves

What is the conversion for 250cc to ml?

250cc is equal to 250ml.

All dirt bike motor sizes?

The main FIM dirt bike race classes are the MX1 class, 450cc class where 450cc four strokes and 250cc two-strokes are eligible to race, the other main class is the MX2 250cc class where 250cc four strokes and 125cc(now up to 150cc) two strokes compete. Less well known is the MX3 class where 650cc four strokes race with 500cc two strokes. Most production dirtbikes fit into one of these classes, the exceptions being open class bikes like the BMW GS's and HP2's and KTM 990 Adventures and Super Enduros among other manufacturers big touring trailies, and various enduro, trail and fun bikes e.g. the KTM 300EXC, Honda CRF230F, etc.