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Yes, -5 bats are allowed, I was able to use them in my school.

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Q: Is a -5 bat allowed for middle school baseball?
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Is a -8 drop Bat allowed in middle school Baseball?

I play middle school ball. We are not allowed to use anything but a -3 drop according to our rule book. Hope I helped.

Is a -3 baseball bat allowed in middle school?

Yes I used a -3 bat the past three years and so did the rest of my team.

Does middle school baseball have to use bbcor bats?

in the USA yes, in australia no, in australia it will be labelled on the bats if you are allowed to use that particular bat in middle school.

What baseball bat size is allowed in middle school baseball?

This can vary greatly from league to league and town to town. It is best to consult the game umpire for this information

Is a drop 7.5 bat allowed in middle school baseball?

We live in Northern Delaware and the middle school teams, including parochial and private schools follow the rules for High School. These rule allow a drop of -3 on any non-wooden bat. So my answer is to check with your middle school and see what rules they follow.

What baseball bat can you use in middle school?

You must use a -3 bat from 7th grade on.

Can you use a wooden bat in middle school baseball?

It depends in what school but usually yes

Is a -10 baseball bat legal for middle school baseball?

a -10 bat should be OK because 30-32" would be 20-22 oz. and is what a middle school kid needs.

What is the baseball bat drop weight requirement for middle school in Fresno California?

-5 bat is legal for Central Valley Middle School's , I'm not sure if it has to be BBCOR or BESR.

What is the legal length to weight ratio for a middle school baseball bat?

In Effingham County,Georgia the Middle School uses a -3 drop bat. In nassau county, New York the middle school players have to use a -3

Can you use wooden bats in middle school baseball?

Just depends on what kind of bat it is?

What is largest diameter bat you can use in middle school baseball?

2 5/8 inches

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