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Vovinam is a Vietnamese martial art. Like most Martial Arts, it is a blend of techniques. I believe there are aspects of Hapkido and Karate, as well as kung fu in the background of Vovinam.

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Q: Is Vovinam pure Vietnamese martial arts?
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Is Jackie Chan a good martial artist?

Yes and no. He does have a black belt in Tae Kwan Do which means he is good, but does martial arts for the movies which isn't the same as 'pure' martial arts.

Is Jackie Chan considered the world's best martial artist?

No he actually doesn't know any martial art he knows movie kungfu

Why is it inaccurate to call karate a martial art?

It is perfectly accurate to call Karate a Martial Art.Martial arts are defined as the skills used in combat and warfare. While most people think of it as the unarmed skills that are rooted in Asia, they actually include all aspects of armed and un-armed combat regardless of their origins. A sharpshooter with a rifle is practicing a martial art just as a black belt in karate is.Some schools combine karate, which translates as Empty Hand, with kobudo, which deals with the traditional weapons of Okinawa. Because they feel that martial arts should never involve weapons, they want to say karate is not a martial art.Still, there are some people that they will teach you martial art, which is nothing else but a pure mixture of different fighting styles. They have tried to change the definition of martial arts and trying to make people think that karate and other such styles are not part of martial arts. This is just another annoying marketing technique.There is a school of thought that believes that many styles of karate have been turned into sports, eliminating their use in actual combat. In some school, the focus is on competition and winning matches and trophies. Some of these have moved away from true martial arts and are more interested in promoting the sports aspect.

What were many South Vietnamese citizens?

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What martial art is better jujitsu or judo?

Jujitsu and Judo are both cultural martial arts, and to say that one system is above another would be a bit naive. All martial arts have their respective strengths and weaknesses which depend upon the situation that the practitioner is in. Judo is mainly an art of grappling and throws. Jujitsu is an art (Which was developed by a woman, but still works great for men) of wrist and arm locks. You should re phrase your question and ask these questions: 1. What martial art is suited for me? (IE my body type and mental disposition) 2. What am I intending to use it for (sport, self defense, or the pure joy and beauty of the Art, while also gaining other benefits) Only then you will realize what is best for you, and not which one is superior!

Is Kung Fu good for women?

Kung Fu is Chinese for "Martial Arts." There are many, many schools of Kung Fu, the one most recognized in the West being the Five Ancestors. However, the best Kung Fu for women could be Wing Chun. Wing Chun is a martial art that puts great emphasis on body positioning. They use their superior posture to deflect or reflect blows from an opponent. A great advantage of this martial art is that it does not require the pure strength and flexibility as many other martial arts do (namely Tae Kwon Do and Tiger, Leopard and Dragon Kung Fu), but instead relies on manipulations of angles and softness to overcome an enemy. Legend has it that Wing Chun was actually developed by a woman. She came across a snake and a crane fighting in a forest, and combined the two fighting forces into one. Another theory is that Wing Chun was developed for imperial assassins- flashy, acrobatic Kung Fu could not be used in assassination missions.

Where can you watch Mermaid melody pure episode 20 vietnamese?

I didin't found out yet but i think that episode just existe in japonese =/ sorry ...

How Henry Morrison influenced curriculum designs?

Morrison felt that the pupils learned best by adapting and or responding to a situation. In terms of curriculum designs, he suggest 5 types of secondary curriculum which were science, appreciation, practical arts, language arts, and pure-practice.

What is the martial art used in Casino Royale and Bourne Ultimatum to propel characters off walls and into buildings?

The type of fighting used was "kali" also know as Filipino Martial Arts. This is especially true for Bourne but was used to a point in Casino Royale.Kali/FMA is very old (much older than most Asian martial arts) and is in fact not a martial art, but is instead a fighting system. Martial arts incorporate aspects into them that serve no specific purpose when pertaining to a fight. Everything is used for a fight in Kali. It is also the only martial art that starts trainees off with a weapon at first and then you work to open hand. All others start open handed and work towards a weapon. FMA does this because it is easier to learn how to improvise and fight with an open hand after one has leaned to use a weapon, than to fight with a weapon if one has not had any training for it. The weapon is an extension of your body. Lastly, FMA came into ist final form with the spanish invasion of the filipines, but has in fact been around since around the year 200 A.D. and has only changed and become more lethal (now incorporating the use of knives and swords as well as sticks and the body). As for the running scene, the type used was not parkour but was actually called "Free Running." It was developed by Sébastien Foucan and incorporates aspects of Parkour. The difference is that parkour is meant to get a person from one area to the next, as efficient as possible. Free Running is instead meant to get a person from one area to the next in the most aesthetically pleasing way. That is why you see things such as "vaults" used in CR and in Bourne Ultimatum. Wikipedia either one and you will see the difference.AikidoA variant of Aikido , I think? It is pure physical ability, not a specific martial art. Individuals that study martial arts improve their strength and flexibility, often allowing them to do things that seem well beyond the typical human's abilities.--------------If you are talking about in the beginning scene of Casino Royale where Bond is chasing the guy all the way to the embassy, the guy is doing parkour. Its not really a martial art, as martial arts is for self defence. Parkour is the ability of getting or moving yourself from point A to point B as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Theres lots of websites out there that will teach you about parkour, instruct you on how to do it, and show you it in action.

Martial art break boards?

Yes. There is no trickery behind it, It's pure skill and strength. Although some cheat whilst breaking large amounts of boards, bricks etc, Most is real.

Is wrestling good for self defense?

If your opponent is not versed in wrestling himself, or street fighting tactics, then wrestling is a good form of self-defense. But if your opponent is experienced in street fighting tactics you have a problem. Self-defense systems should be fluid and open to new techniques, but only those that work. To paraphrase Bruce Lee, absorb what is useful and discard the rest. wrestling is a martial art that specializes in pure strength and size and if against an amateur in martial arts, it would be easy to just knock them down. however if you are asking is wrestling consider good? it really depends on the user. wrestling user are normally slower and stiffer in attacks and their only defence is their size. while their offence is powerful, they lack in technique. but if the user knows how to use it right and the opponent is not familiar with its own martial arts, wrestling could knock down even muoy thai user. it all depends on the user there is no such thing as best self defence skills. it all still comes down to the user and the opponent.

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There are many symbols of VietNam,long ago,it was "Chim Lac" - a kind of bird only found in stories."Chim Lac" was the symbol found in the surface of "Bronze Drum",it also was the symbol of the VietNamese forbidden kingdom "Lac Viet".This is one link to one picture of "Chim Lac" : (in VietNamese,the word "Chim" means "Bird") Nowaday,when thinking about VietNam,people often think about lotus,this kind of flower is very special.They live near the mud but they still have pure and upright pleasent smell,just like VietNamese people.Althought faced many dificulties,VietNamese pelople still keep the pure and upright inside their souls.Beside lotus people often think about bamboo trees when they think about VietNam,the bamboo trees always grow verticaly,they also like VietNamese people.After facing many difficulties,they still stand and never surender. These informations should help you increase your knowledge about VietNam and VietNamese.My English is not very good so plese forgive me if i wrote anything wrong

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What are the pros and cons of Jujitsu?

Like all martial arts, Jujitsu is designed to help an individual become a better person. As a martial art it is catagorized in the grappling family, meaning that the primary focus is on grabbing and controlling the opponent. It can be hard on the joints for an older individual that is just starting out and dangerous for someone that is still young and growing. Jujitsu, contrasted to Judo, is aimed more at actual combat. Judo, while also effective in combat, is focused on competition and not causing permanent damage. ---------------- In the interest of a productive, informative answer, I'd like to comment on the answer given above and hope the original respondent will reply."Like all martial arts, Jujitsu is designed to help an individual become a better person." Better in what sense? Why would it be created for anything other than self-defence? The fact that mental/spiritual elements appear is immaterial, nothing more than a remnant of the Japanese warrior class. Such philosophy existed independently of martial arts, so it is apparent that martial arts themselves appear out of the necessity to learn how best to deal with violence. "As a martial art it is catagorized in the grappling family, meaning that the primary focus is on grabbing and controlling the opponent." Firstly, there are no martial arts "families" in the way that is described. Secondly, Japanese jujitsu encompassed far more than grappling techniques - remember it is part of a complete system that stems from the samurai. Brazilian jujitsu on the other hand is a pure grappling art, but to refer to jujitsu as a whole as solely grappling is misleading."It can be hard on the joints for an older individual that is just starting out..." True, as can any other intense physical activity. However, assuming proper care is taken, even fairly elderly individuals can reach a good level of performance without injuring their joints."...and dangerous for someone that is still young and growing." Dangerous in what sense? Dangerous to the development of bones? This is as true of jujitsu as it is of gymnastics or weightlifting, i.e. not at all. Dangerous in the sense that young, boisterous individuals might injure themselves through lack of attention? This is at least 10 times more likely to happen playing soccer than jujitsu. "Jujitsu, contrasted to Judo, is aimed more at actual combat. Judo, while also effective in combat, is focused on competition and not causing permanent damage." Is it aimed at actual combat or competition? Contradictory statements like this only serve to confuse. Judo is primarily a sport, and was developed as such, although one's training could incorporate it and focus it in a self-defence context as many thousands do so successfully.

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