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yes he is

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โˆ™ 2006-10-08 23:50:13
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Q: Is Sean O Haire coming back to the WWE and is he a good wrestler?
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Did kevin Nash wwe wrestler die?

no he is coming back

When does Sean slater come back?

yes he is coming back soon

Is sandman returning to WWE?

sandman was good wrestler for hardcore,but no he won't be coming back



What happen to the wrestler the undertaker?

i think undertaker is coming i hope he comes back I am a big fan

Is Sean slater coming back?

He currently has no plans to return as he is working on other television projects.

Will Sean from Degrassi coming back from the war in season 8 to be with Emma?

I have heard that Sean is supposed to come back from the war i either season 9 or 10 but I am not completely sure if they get back together... i also heard that kelly and Emma broke up so hopefully Sean and Emma will be together!!! :)

Is sandman coming back to the WWE?

well sandman is a great wrestler for hardcore so the WWE is not really his thing so no he wont be back sorry fans

What is the date Jeff hardy is coming back?

Jan i think Extreme wrestler Jeff Hardy came back to TNA at January 2010.

Is rhyno coming back to WWE?

The professional wrestler Rhyno has no plans to return to the WWE. He is currently under contract with Ring of Honor wrestling.

When will suicide the wrestler return?

Yes,Suicide is coming back on 2/10/11 In a match against Robbie E.,and Brian Kendrick

Is Sean Cameron from Degrassi coming back from war in the next season?

yup and i personally think he belongs with Emma but not anymore

When is wrestler Jeff Hardy coming back to WWE?

Never Dont say he will never come back, you dont know that unless you are Jeff Hardy or Vince and are you? no , i think he WILL be back, but i dont know when

When is Jay Sean's Break ya back coming out?

it will be relaeased either before 15th of february or on 15th of february

Wwe tribute music?

Mostly for people who want a certain wrestler back. or for a lost wrestler.

The richest WWE wrestler?

the undertaker is the best in the wwe because people like big show and other superstars try to end is career and he keeps coming back

Did wrestler Maven break his back?


What did wrestler tripple h injure?

His back and neck.

Will kamala come back to WWE?

I doubt he will as a wrestler.

Did Dwayne'The Rock'Johnson go back to being a wrestler?


When is stone cold Steve Austin coming back to the UK?

As of June 2014, there is no scheduled events for Stone Cold Steve Austin to attend in the UK. Stone Cold is a professional wrestler.

Who is coming to back to the WWE?

batisa is coming back

Is Corey Dillon coming back?

No, he is not coming back.

Is ferentus coming back?

Is ferentus coming back?

Is the Toyota supra coming back?

No, its not coming back.