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It's a matter of opinion, but YES!

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โˆ™ 2011-03-22 10:59:58
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Q: Is Rugby League better than NFL?
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Which is tougher the Rugby League or the NFL?

if you were a true football fan you would know that NFl is better than rugby the reason is because its more popular,the players are better and every player in the NFL is famoius and gets paid more

What is a Rugby league players pay?

Rugby League players in Australia get paid very low. Their average yearly income is about 200 thousand. If you compare Rugby League to other sports such as, AFL, NFL, major league and NBA, Rugby League is like a welfare payment. Rugby League is the toughest sport. It's fast and rought. Countries that are developing Rugby League such as Amercia and Lebanon, their players don't get paid at all. NRL (National Rugby League) which is running in Australia, has a salary cap. That's the reason why, Rugby League players are so under-paid. The highest paid rugby league player in Australia is about 500k for 3 years. Super League in England is better than NRL, at least their payment are double then the ones in NRL.

Why is Rugby League better than the NFL?

At the end of the day, it matters on the person. But persoanlly I prefer Rugby League better than NFL. Reasons are; - NFL requires many gears such as 10 basic pieces of equipment helmet, shoulder pads, a tailbone pad, 2 hip pads, 2 thigh pads, 2 knee pads, and a cup. Mouthguards are pretty much necessary, but not really a pad. Outside of that some players also opt to wear flack jackets, back and/or sternum plates, neck rolls, forearm pads. Rugby League players do not have any protection, which mouth guard is optional - NFL is a very slow pace game, after every phase, they stop and have a rest. Rugby League is 80mins full game, spilt into 40mins halves with non-stop action. - NFL is all about the big bucks, since all the players get between two or three digitals and classified as millions, Rugby League does not get that much money, showing that Rugby League players are passonaite about their sport.

Do people wear helmets in rugby?

Rugby Dffers from NFL, NFL you have to wear helmets, not rugby.

What is the hardest rugby league or union?

Rugby League. ----------------------------- I'd say rugby League because it's fast, tough and its 80mins of hard work. In Union it's all stopping and it's very very slow game, it's just like nfl . RL you do not stop.

Is NBA better than NFL?

I Think That NFL Is Better Than NBA Because NFL is more injuries and more scoring .So That what i said that NFL is better NBA

Is AFL Better Than NFL?


Is Wwe Better Than NFL?

no is more entertaining than wwe.

Is a college football bigger than the NFL football?

Is a college football bigger than the nfl football? This question will be answered college or NFL. Its NFL because it National Football League . College is less Better cause the people arent as good. Have A Nice Day! :D

What Position in NFL relates to the front row forward of rugby league or Union?

Fullback most likely, they pretty much do the same job

Witch sport in the US do most people go to?

NFL by far just compare average attendances or just look at the sizes of stadiums from sport to sportfootball refers to soccer, NFL, Aussie rules, rugby union and rugby leagueplease users use the league name

What is the chances of getting in the NFL?

You can get in if you show dedication and talent in college, But you better be perfect to be in a league of perfection.

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