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The last answer was a big bias piece of crap so im gonna give you cold hard facts.

Manning is 11-12 in the postseason, and he has been eliminated 8 times in his first postseason game for that year. Tom Brady on other hand is 18-8 in the postseason, and has only been eliminated in the first game twice. (cannot say wildcard round because some loses have been in the divisional round).

"Well, [Brady/Manning] had a better supporting cast". Really? It's already an impossible argument to end with a winner, so don't bring this statement into the discussion. The simple fact is that Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have had years where their teams have been stacked with talent, and other years where a combination of injuries and lack of talent cripple the skill on the field. They both played for teams that won divisions and clinched playoff byes. Stop pointing fingers at their respective teams and just agree that they both have played on great teams and not as great teams, yet they both are talented enough to not miss a beat.

There are a couple of arguments to discuss here. Some people, to my disbelief, will not give credit to lost Super Bowls. The thing I cannot stand to hear is when people say they rather have a quarterback go to 4 Super Bowls and win all 4 instead of going to 5 and winning 4 of the 5. What logic is that?

Just because Peyton Manning and the Broncos lost yesterday in the Super Bowl does not mean you just erase what happened this year for him. He won a couple of postseason games and advanced to the Super Bowl. 2 teams every year get there, and even if you don't win its still a great achievement to win a multiple playoff games in one year.

Brady has led his team to the Super Bowl 5 times in 12 seasons in where he started (excluding the year he tore his ACL and his rookie year where he was the 3rd string) compared to Manning's 3 appearances in 15 seasons as a starter.

The fun little postseason statistic I love to point out is Peyton Manning's performance in the playoffs when he won his first Super Bowl. In 4 games, he averaged about 230 yards per game while throwing for 3 TDs and 7 INTs. That Colts defense carried this team to a title, so when you hear Brady critics point out how great those Patriots defenses were, don't be afraid to mention this.

-Yards: Manning 270/game, Brady 255/game

-Passing TDs: Manning 2.05/game, Brady 1.86/game

-INTs: Brady .69/game, Manning .91/game

-Completion %: Manning 65.4%, Brady 63.4%

-QB rating: Manning 97.2, Brady 95.7

The fact is that both QBs are highly efficient and productive, and the stats do not favor one side more than the other by any significance.

Manning does have 5 MVP trophies compared to Brady's 2. Manning has only missed the Pro Bowl twice while a starter for 15 years compared to Brady missing 3 times in 12 years in which he started. These awards are not be ignored, but the fact is these awards are given to players. These awards are up for debate. One does not "win" an MVP trophy. One "earns" an MVP trophy.

I care about about what my quarterback can win for me. Tom Brady has lead his team to winning 3 Super Bowl titles. These weren't awarded to him and his team. These were won.

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Peyton Manning is a much better quarteback than tom brady. Peyton is the smartest quarteback to ever play football. He also is a great husband and person who doesnt get into trouble outside of the game.

-Actually Peyton Manning is doing quite well this season without Marvin Harrison (he has just thrown for 8 tds in the last two games) and at present has over 25 td tosses. As for Tom Brady not having any weapons until this year, that is a crock. Branch, and Brown were not mediocre receivers - just the opposite I thought they were above average. Besides, the more important variable is the offensive line. Manning has two rookies on his o-line and as I said, is still able to have 25+ td passes and an 11-2 record. At any rate, both QBs have strengths/weaknesses. Both are very accurate passers with a good work ethic; however, in my mind, Manning is the far more intelligent quarterback with superior physical attributes. Brady appears to be a better quarterback in pressure situations; however, if there is truth to camera gate then that would cast a question mark on his past performances in tight situations as well as the Superbowl victories. In summary, I would pick Peyton Manning because he set the bar and revolutionized the position with the no-huddle pre-reads of the oppenents defense. All the other quarterbacks followed suit, including Brady. Besides, I don't recall Manning ever padding his stats by heaving up td passes in the 4th quarter well after a game is out of reach.


Peyton Manning is better. He doesn't need to throw passes on 4 and 6 to win a game.

Peyton manning is better than tom brady because petyon manning is not scared to get hit other than Tom Brady


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Q: Is Peyton Manning better than Tom Brady?
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Peyton Manning has 38 and Tom Brady has 26, but Peyton Manning has played for 2 more seasons than Brady

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Peyton Manning is better than Brett Favre

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Peyton Manning is paid a lot more than tom brady. Peyton Manning signed a 7 year contract in March, 2004 for a reported 99.2 million dollars. That would put his average salary at a little over $14 million dollars. Plus Peyton is on commercials and if you add that to his salary, Peyton Manning gets more money than Tom Brady. tom gets paid way less than peyton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who has more passing tds Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

Peyton has more in his career with 64,964 yards compared to Brady's 49,149. While Manning has been in the league two years longer than Brady, Peyton would almost certainly still have more yards

Is Tom Brady better than manning?

Which manning? If Eli, I would love to say no, but yes. If Peyton, it's probably a tie, but it all depends on how you look at it. GO GIANTS!! ------------------------ Look at it this way, Peyton Manning indeed has the perfect offense yet a horrifyingly terrible defense. Brady had a great offense & a shutdown defense. Of course, Brady has been to & won more super-bowls. However, the one year Brady had an offense just like Manning's 04 offense, he got a 117.2 QB Rating. Just shy of Manning's 121.1 QB Rating. I believe that Manning is forehead up better than Brady.

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statistically yes peyton manning is better

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No. Peyton Manning is 4 years older than Eli Manning.

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Yes by far.

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