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they definatly were. but now I'm not so sure. they are definatly one of the best in the world. but not THE best. i'd say its immpossible to choose a best team in the world right now

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:21:06
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Q: Is New Zealand really the best rugby team in the world?
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What country is hosting the next rugby world cup?

New Zealand/the best rugby team in the world

What rugby teams are considered the best in the world?

New Zealand's All Blacks Men's rugby; All Blacks Women; Black Ferns World under 19 ; New Zealand world under 21; New Zealand World sevens rugby; New zealand World rugby league champions; New Zealand World Secondary Schools ( high school) champion; New Zealand

Where is most popular rugby sport in the world?

well because the new zealand all blacks are the best rugby team in the world, i would say new zealand!

Who are the best rugby rugby club team in the world?


What is the best rugby league team in the world?

That is easy. New Zealand. New Zealand are The Current Holder of Rugby League but the aussies Have hold this cup the most so i would vote for them

Who are the best rugby team ever?

New Zealand

What sports are New Zealanders most successful at?

New Zealand are arguabbly the best rugby nation in the world.

What country is the best at rugby?

Although South Africa has recently beaten New Zealand and South Africa are the reigning champions of the world in Rugby, New Zealand is commonly thought to be the team to beat. So New Zealand would be the answer to your question.

What sports are nz best at?

The sport that New Zealand is best at is mostly rugby

Who is the world's best rugby team?

Statistically its The New Zealand All Blacks who are ranked at number one in the IRB rankings

What rugby teams are the best?

Wales, new zealand, scarlets and ospreys

Who is the best rugby player playing?

AnswerRichie McCaw of New Zealand

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