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New Zealand are arguabbly the best Rugby nation in the world.

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Q: What sports are New Zealanders most successful at?
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Where do most Australians and new Zealanders live?

Most Australians and New Zealanders live in urban areas.

Are New Zealanders sport fanatics?

Yes, New Zealanders are fanatic about sport. N.Z. has a high participation rate in physical activity; almost everybody plays a sport, and most play two or three. Yes, This Is Very True. I am a New Zealander Myself. New Zealanders Excel In Sports internationally too, as You might Notice.

What is the population of zealanders in new zealand?

We are not called zealanders we are called New Zealanders.

On which island do most new zealanders live?

North Island

What do New Zealanders do for fun?

bungy jump for the most part..............................

What do New Zealanders eat for lunch?

What do New Zealanders eat for lunch?

Why is milford sound famous in New Zealand?

New Zealanders would say it is famous everywhere but most New Zealanders know where Milford sound is and what it looks like.

Why do australians call new zealanders kiwis?

Because New Zealanders are kiwis

What is a nickname for the new Zealanders?

Kiwis (only non-Maori New Zealanders).

How many New Zealanders eat Pavlova?

Most of the New Zealanders eat the Pavlova since it is a delicacy in the country. About 70 percent of the population eat the Pavlova.

How many new zealanders survived world war 2?

18,500 New Zealanders were killed in world war one, and 50,000 wounded. 10,000 New Zealanders were killed in world war two. The short answer is of course, most New Zealanders survived. And to the battlefield figures, those in captivity must also be counted.

What percent of New Zealanders are obese?

As of June 2008, 26.5% of New Zealanders are obese

What is an informal Australian word for New Zealanders?

An informal Australian word for New Zealanders is kiwis.

Are people New Zealanders if they are not born in New Zealand?

So long as they have been granted New Zealand Citizenship, they are New Zealanders.

What food do New Zealanders eat?

New zealanders eat fish and chips they do a traditional food such as the hungi

Why is Te Papa special to some New Zealanders?

Te Papa is special to New Zealanders because....

Is New Zealand cool?

This would depend on who you asked, but most New Zealanders would say yes.

What are the Maori sports?

Maoris play sports that New Zealanders play but they have some of there own which are the poi the haka Kapa Haka They play rugby I also know the have many Whares around New Zealand

Are New Zealanders hard workers?

If there's a job to do, then most will do what needs being done.

Why are new zealanders better than Australian's?

because new zealanders are hard workers, sweet kind, loving

What percentage of New Zealanders speak English?

98% of New Zealanders speak English, according to a 2006 census.

How many New Zealanders soldiers died at gallipoli?

2721 New Zealanders died

What New Zealanders have played for Tottenham Hotspur?

The following New Zealanders have played for Tottenham Hotspur ;Ryan Nelson

How did it affect New Zealanders?


Guinness World Records most successful sports team ever?

The two most successful sports franchise world wide are the New York Yankees of American Major League Baseball, and the Manchester United soccer club in England. Edit: Manchester United aren't even the most successful English team, that is Liverpool FC. In Europe, Real Madrid are considered the most successful with FIFA voting them the most successful club of the 20th century.