Is NBA better than NFL

Updated: 9/27/2023
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I think Hockey is a better sport then Basketball, but if your talking about the league, I think it is NHL (hockey) because NBA is too boring to watch and it is hard to get the court side seats because it costs too much. But your opinion counts too, if you think NBA is better, then NBA is better, if you think NHL is better, then NHL is better.

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This depends on where you live. The NBA is more popular in the United States while hockey is more popular in Canada, where the NBA hardly rates at all in most of the country.

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I Think That NFL Is Better Than NBA Because NFL is more injuries and more scoring .So That what i said that NFL is better NBA

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Q: Is NBA better than NFL
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That really depends, it's an opinion on what you preffer more. To me i like the NBA better.

Is the NFL older than the NBA?

Yes the NFL began in 1920 and the NBA began in 1946

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They dont actually.

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