Is the NCAA better than the NBA?

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No nba is one of the biggest sports in the world

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Q: Is the NCAA better than the NBA?
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What is the difference between the NCAA and the NBA?

the nba has more tools than the ncaa but the ncaa has alot of jagbags though

Why is ncaa basketball courts smaller than NBA courts?

because college is a smaller sport than nba

How does the NCAA help the NBA?

the ncaa helps the nba recognize former players

What current NBA players have won ncaa and NBA championships?

Micheal jordon won both nba and ncaa

Will NBA 2K13 be better than NBA 2K12?

nba 2k13 will be better than 2k12 because 12 is very boring

What is bigger NBA ball or NCAA ball?


Does the NBA participate in the NCAA?


Is NBA better than NFL?

I Think That NFL Is Better Than NBA Because NFL is more injuries and more scoring .So That what i said that NFL is better NBA

Is the Bobcats in the NBA or NCAA?


What players have won multiple NCAA basketball titles and an NBA championship?

Clyde Lovellette - Olympics, 1952; NCAA, 1952; NBA, 1954, 1963-1964Bill Russell - Olympics, 1956; NCAA, 1955 and 1956; NBA, 1957, 1959-1966, 1968-1969K.C. Jones - Olympics, 1956; NCAA, 1955 and 1956; NBA, 1959-1966Jerry Lucas - Olympics, 1960; NCAA, 1960; NBA, 1973Quinn Buckner - Olympics, 1976; NCAA, 1976; NBA, 1984Michael Jordan - Olympics, 1984 and 1992; NCAA, 1982; NBA, 1991-1993, 1996-1998Magic Johnson - Olympics, 1992; NCAA, 1979; NBA, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987-1988

Is NBA live 09 the game better than NBA live 10?

No i think that NBA live 10 is better.

Has an nba team ever played an ncaa team?

no but i would like to see ncaa power house play an nba team

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