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The NFL Play Clock is 35 seconds. The NBA Shot Clock is 24 seconds.

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Q: How much longer is the nfl play clock than the nba shot clock?
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How much time on the shot clock is needed to get off a shot in basketball?

Players in the NBA have a 24-second grace period from the shot clock to get off a shot clock. In college basketball, the shot clock limit is 35 seconds.

How much time do college basketball players get on the shot clock?

they play only two quaters of 24 minutes

When was shot clock first used in ACC college basketball.?

In 1983 a 30 second shot clock was used in ACC league play. Joe Cowan

Shot clock NCAA basketball?

In basketball, the shot clock counts down the time a team has to take a shot (which must hit the rim in order to qualify) after taking possession of the ball before a violation is called. In the NCAA, the shot clock is set at 35 seconds, which is 11 seconds longer than that of the NBA.

How long is the shot clock for college players?

In the men's game the shot clock is 35 seconds and in the women's game the shot clock is 30 seconds.

How much time you have to score in basketball?

There is a 24 second shot clock in the NBA.

Does Texas high school basketball have a shot clock?

No Texas does not have a shot clock for high school basketball

How many seconds in a high school girl27s shot clock?

there is no shot clock in high school basketball

Whats the fastest possible shot in basketball?

the fastest shot ever in basket ball was 0.01 that's how much time was left on the clock when he shot and made it to win the game after that they made a rule saying that u canot shoot if the clock has 0.03 or lower on the clock hope this helps u

How many seconds in a high school girl's shot clock?

30 seconds on the shot clock, but it is normal quaters

Boys high school has how many seconds for shot clock?

There is no shot clock for boys high school basketball

How is basketball timed?

a shot clock

What is the lowest scoring college basketball game before the shot clock era and in the shot clock era?


Do all college basketball divisions use the shot clock?

In the NCAA there's a shot clock, as for others, I don't know.

How much longer would Abraham Lincoln have lived if he were not shot?

it is impossible to know.

What is the 24second shot clock?

A clock that is timed for 24 seconds. When a team has the ball they have 24 seconds to make a basket. If the 24 seconds expires it's a "shot-clock violation" and the other team gets the ball. Also if someone attempts to shoot but hits the rim, but dose not go in the shot-clock will reset back to 24. If the game clock is below 24 seconds the shot-clock will be turned off.

Shot clock NBA?

24 seconts

How many seconds on college basketball shot clock?

A 45-second shot clock was introduced in the NCAA men's game in the 1985-86 season. In the 1993-94 season, the shot clock time was reduced to 35 seconds.

What does the shot clock operator do?

times how long since a shot has been taken

At what point does a shot at the three point line no longer count as in a basketball game?

1.) there is offensive away from the ball foul at the same time as the shot, resulting in no basket, or 2.) the game clock or shot clock has expired before the made 3pt shot was released from the shooters hand or 3.) the shooters foot was on the 3pt line,resulting in only a 2pt field goal.

When did the shot clock come into effect in college basketball?

A 45 second shot clock was introduced in the NCAA men's game in the 1985-86 season. In the 1993-94 season, the NCAA men's shot clock was reduced to 35 seconds.

Is the shot that goes into the net for a goal counted as a shot on the shot clock in a nhl hockey game?

Yes, it is!

Does the shot clock reset if the ball hits a hook on the rim?

If a player shoots the ball before the shot-clock goes off, and it hits the rim in any way, then yes the clock will reset.

How many seconds on a high school shot clock?

There is no High School shot clock. Has been voted down... would like to hear more.

How many seconds is on a high school shot clock?

There are No Shot Clocks in Highs School