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Yes, it is. The NBA season starts around Halloween (give or take a few days) and ends around April 20th (again, give or take a few days).

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Q: Is NBA basketball played in February?
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The first player to ever play NBA basketball?

There was not a first person to play NBA basketball ,ritard, basketball is played in teams.

What is the popularity of basketball?

Since basketball first started it has greatly increased in popularity. Basketball is one of the most well known and played sports in the world. The NBA is a league where proffessional basketball is played. NBA stand for National Basketball Association.

How many basketball players in the nba played college basketball?


Do all NBA refrees have to be basketball players?

No way most of them have not played in the nba but been around basketball for their whole life

Name a coach in the history of the NBA that never played NBA basketball?

Phil Jackson

Does nba preseason nba count nba score?

Yes they score in the NBA preseason. Every basketball game that has played has a score

Acronym for the world's largest basketball association?

NBA (National Basketball Association)

What NBA players played AAU basketball?

Some nba players that played AAU basketball are... Shaq, Patrick Ewing, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Baron Davis

What did Allen Iverson do to make it to the nba?

played basketball

What sport is played by Cleveland cavaliers?

basketball in the NBA

What sport is played by the LA Lakers?

NBA Basketball.

Is basketball played indoors?

Yes, in the NBA, NCAA, and FIBA, Euroleague Basketball, etc. Games played outdoors are considered "streetball".

What does NBA mean?

NBA stands for National Basketball Association, it is a premium basketball league played in North America. 30 clubs play in the league, 29 from US & 1 from Canada. Source:

What current college basketball players have fathers that played in the NBA?

john stockton

Which sport is played by the New York Knicks?

NBA Basketball.

When was the firt NBA game?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) was founded on June 6, 1946... Though basketball and organized (league) basketball was around before the NBA. Basketball was created in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith, and the first official game was played in the early 1890's.

What sport is played in February?


Who did Calvin Murphy play for?

Calvin Murphy played basketball in the NBA for the Houston Rockets.He played college basketball for Niagara University.

What are the names of Australian basketball players that played in the NBA?

Andrew GAze

Has an Israeli-born basketball player ever played in the NBA?

No, not yet.

How old was Kevin garnett when he first played nba basketball?


Is there a microphone on basketball hoops for NBA?

There may be according to the center it is played on.

Where in the world is basketball played?

Basketball is played just about everywhere in the world, including in over 200 countries. Basketball is played in elementary, middle, and high schools; in the NBA, the WNBA, college basketball, over in Europe, and just about everywhere, including the Olympics.

When will the 2012 NBA all-star Game be played?

The 2012 NBA All-Star Game will be played on February 26, 2012.

Who was the first African American basketball player to be drafted into the NBA?

The first person who played in an NBA game was Earl Lloyd