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No way most of them have not played in the nba but been around Basketball for their whole life

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Q: Do all NBA refrees have to be basketball players?
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Would all NBA players be amazing basketball players outside the NBA?

Of course not. There are NBA players who are broken-down shells of their former selves, and there are also players who wouldn't fit in well with, say, the European style of basketball.

All time leading assist players in nba basketball?

John Stockton

What is a basketball captian?

First of all it's captain. There is no basketball captain. There are star players though on a NBA team.

Any hall of fame NBA players from duke?

i dont think so...duke has never really put out any good quality nba players no duke player has been succcesful in my opininonThere is no Pro Basketball or NBA Hall of Fame. The Basketball Hall of Fame is littered with players you have never heard of who never played in the NBA. Women players, foreign players, college players, all end up in the same hall of fame.

How many basketball players are there in America?

It is estimated that there are over 40 thousand basketball players in organized leagues throughout America. This includes college and the NBA. In all, over 145 thousand people play basketball for leisure.

How do you get the mens US basketball team on nba 2k9?

Just create a new team and add all players to the roster. The computer will duplicate the players for this squad.

How many people play in the NBA?

there are 360 players playing in the current basketball but that all varies from time to time

Are all NBA players black people?

No, there are many NBA players of different races.

How do you get all of the NBA team jerseys in NBA basketball showdown?


Who makes more money a basketball player or a football player?


Who is the best basketball player from Drake Universty?

All NBA players that went to Drake include:Adam EmmeneckerLewis LloydMcCoy McLemoreBob NetolickyDolph PulliamWillie Wise

How many professional basketball leagues are there in the world?

The answer depends on many factors. While there generally is no set number (NBA teams are always signing/waiving players throughout the year), "professional" can refer to more than just the NBA.A list of some leagues that are considered professional:National Basketball Association (NBA)NBA Developmental League (NBA D-League)Liga ACB (Spain)Whether we are counting all United States born basketball players or just those currently in the United States, as well as those who were born outside of the United States that are playing in the United States can bring about a wide variety of answers.If you are referring to NBA players only, the best guess would be about 420 NBA players (30 teams with a maximum of 15 players, and one roster spot is usually left open).