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No, Mickie James is not a lesbian.

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Q: Is Mickie James a lesbian
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What happened between Kenny and Mickie James?

Kenny was caught kissing Cody Rhodes on a night out after a show. Mickie James is now a lesbian and she has a girlfriend.

What is mickie James full name?

Mickie James's birth name is Mickie Laree James.

Is WWE mickie jame a lesbian?


What is the real name of mickie James?

mickie James

Has WWE had lesbian scene?

Just go to youtube and search for Mickie James kisses Trish Stratus pick the first one and then there will be a lot of related videos that have wwe lesbian moments

Does WWE Mickie James has kids?

Mickie James Does Not Have Kids! :-) -MJ

Who hotter ashley massaro or mickie james?

Mickie James is hotter

How tall is Mickie James?

Mickie James is 5 foot 5 inches.

What is Mickie James' birthday?

Mickie James was born on August 31, 1979.

Is maryse ouellet the only child?

Yes she is a lesbian go to a lesbian website and type maryse and a video will pop out maryse having lesbian sex with mickie james!LOL

Who does Mickie James go out with?


Why is john cena dating mickie James?

John Cena is not dating Mickie James.