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Mickie James Does Not Have Kids! :-) -MJ

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โˆ™ 2011-02-17 01:10:42
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Q: Does WWE Mickie James has kids?
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Does WWE mickie James have any kids?

no she is single

Does WWE diva Mickie James have kids?

no she has none shes not even married

Is Mickie James still in the WWE?

No, Mickie James is not is WWE. She was released from her contract in April of 2010.

How many kids does WWE mickie James has?

Mickie has 2 boys and 5 girls her last baby is Johanna nikole James born may 22 2002 she 7 Mickie has a cute family That is a flat out lie Mickie doesn't have any kids

Did Mickie James quit WWE?


Is mickie James Mary'd and have kids?

Mickie is single and has no kids

Are WWE divas mickie James and Beth Phoenix sisters?

WWE divas Mickie James and Beth Phoenix are not related.

What happened to WWE Mickie James?

Mickie James is currently signed to TNA, but there is a good posibility of her returning to WWE in the future.

Is mickie James will come back in the WWE?

Mickie James is in TNA at the moment. She might return to WWE sometime in the future.

Where is Mickie James right now?

mickie James is in WWE world wresling entertainment

Has mickie James left the WWE?

Mickie James did not leave the WWE the WWE releaased her on April 22, 2010 and she just signed a deal with TNA.

Is mickie James a WWE diva?

No,as of October 2010,Mickie is in TNA.

Does mickie James hate kids?

no Mickie James doesn't hate kids. And besides why did you ask that question? why Mickie ever hate on kids?

Why did the WWE release mickie James?

because the wwe is stupid

Who is the WWE Diva's champion?

Mickie James

Is mickie James the hottest WWE diva?


Who is the richest diva in WWE?

mickie James

Is WWE mickie James a virgin?


Who likes mickie James in WWE?


What was the feud as youngsters between WWE's Mickie James And Beth Phoenix?

They did not know each other when they were kids.

Does mickie James have kids?


Does mickie James has kids?


Who is mickey James WWE boyfriend?

Mickie is not dating anyone in the WWE

Why was Mickie James fired from the WWE?

She was not fired. She was released from her WWE contract.

Will mickie James ever come back to WWE?

Mickie James is wrestling for TNA right now, but her returning to WWE in the future is a good posibility.