Is Michigan better than Notre Dame?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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In regards to student population (actual undergraduate and graduate students attending the university), yes, Michigan is a larger institution. The University of Michigan has 43,426 students.

The University of Alabama has 34,852 students.

(Totals for the 2013-14 academic year).

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no! whoever asks this question needs to be taught a lesson. Now look up if norte dame is better than michigan.

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Q: Is Michigan better than Notre Dame?
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Is notre dame better than Miami u?

Yes and ALWAYS Will be.

How many years in a row has Michigan defeated Notre Dame in football?

Through the 2008 season, 0. Michigan lost to Notre Dame, 35-17, on September 13, 2008. Michigan had won the two previous games. Michigan won the first 8 games of the rivalry (1887-1908) but, since then, has not won more than 2 in a row.

How many university of Michigan players have been drafted into the NFL?

a lil bit more than 400 made pro from notre dame and more people frome notre dame have went pro then from any other college

What does Notre Dame mean in French?

Notre Dame de Paris is a Cathedral. Victor Hugo use it as the setting of 'the hunchback of Notre-Dame'. It is France's (and probably Europe's) most visited monument, with more than 12 million people visiting each year.

Where is Notre Dame Academy located?

Notre Dame College Prepatory is located in North Scottsdale, Arizona. It's not as great a school as everyone says it is, though. The public high school, Pinnacle High School got better ratings for 2008 than Notre Dame Prep. did. Just FYI! :)

Is cathedral in cologne Germany larger than notre dame cathedral in Paris?

Yes, the Cologne Cathedral is about 157m tall while Notre-Dame Cathedral is only about 90m tall.

Are Notre dame academic standards for athletes higher than other schools?


What stat does Ohio State football rank higher than Notre Dame football?

Pass interception

Has Alabama ever beat Notre Dame?

Notre Dame Notre Dame Since there is no "official" national champion in FBS college football, the answer would depend upon the criteria you want to use. According to the schools themselves, Alabama claims 13 while Notre Dame claims 11. But each school uses different and subjective criteria to determine which seasons are "claimed" as championships. Most researchers would argue that Alabama's criteria is somewhat looser than ND's, and that if the same qualifications were applied to each school, ND would have at least 13 as well. If you count the total number of seasons where ANY recognized selector chose Alabama or Notre Dame as champion, then Notre Dame has 21 while Alabama has 17. If you only count seasons where the school finished #1 in either the AP or the UPI/Coaches poll, the two schools are tied with 8 titles each. If you only count BCS championships, Alabama leads 1-0.

What football player graduated college?

Notre Dame with graduating more than 98 percent of their athletes.

To get into Notre Dame law school is it better to go to a public or private school?

yes it is better to go to a private school than a public school. these types of colleges look at who has a better education to give scholarships to because if they give a scholarship to a student they want the student to do good.

FBS schools with more than 700 all-time wins?

Michigan, Texas, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, USC, Georgia, LSU, Auburn, and in the next couple weeks West Virginia