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No, but if you know how MJ played the game they have his dunk package(Air) his lay up package(all star guard) and all of his jumper and dribble moves(i don't know them all off-hand so i won't start) so all the tools are there to create the greatest and with the tendencies you can create the most realistic mj to ever grace any b-ball game. the answer is NO MJ in the game but all his moves are there

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Q: Is Michael Jordan a legend on NBA 2k10?
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Unlock Michael Jordan on nba 2k10 for wii?

It is in the main menu, complete it and you will unlock MJ creating a legend. You start as a rookie-Micheal Jordan, He already has been drafted and your ready to start your first match in the NBA.

How do you unlock Michael Jordan on nba 2k10 for xbox360?

You can't. NBA 2k10 didnt buy the rights to his name, etc so they cant put him in the game

Is Michael Jordan a NBA legend?

Yes he is a basketball legend.

Will Michael Jordan be on NBA Live 09 as a legend?


How do you unlock the celebrity team in 2k10?

how do i unlock Michael Jordan on nba 2k10You can't unlock him he's not in it

Why can't you play Michael Jordan in NBA live as an NBA legend?

R.I.PMichael Jackson

How long has Michael Jordan been a NBA basketball legend?

8 years

Is Michael Jordan in NBA live for iPod touch?

No the bulls legend is Scottie pippen

How can you get Jordan in NBA 2k10?

You need xbox live and than you go to 2k share and download jordan.

Is Michael Jordan in NBA live 2005?

yeah he will otherwise i wont buy it and itll suck! yes i want Michael Jordan back to 2k10 i want Michael Jordan real graphic like scottie pippen. thanks for nba 2k9 i like it.

Is Michael Jordan a legend in NBA basketball?

Most consider him that for his amazing style of play and how successfull his career was.

Does NBA live 10 has Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is not NBA Live 10 but he is on NBA 2k11.