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You can't. NBA 2k10 didnt buy the rights to his name, etc so they cant put him in the game

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Q: How do you unlock Michael Jordan on nba 2k10 for xbox360?
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How do you unlock Micheal Jordan on 2k10 for wii?

Michael Jordan isn't on 2k10. He is on 2k11.

How do you unlock the celebrity team in 2k10?

how do i unlock Michael Jordan on nba 2k10You can't unlock him he's not in it

How do you unlock Jordan on 2k10?

You can't unlock him he's not in it. But you can create him.

Unlock Michael Jordan on nba 2k10 for wii?

It is in the main menu, complete it and you will unlock MJ creating a legend. You start as a rookie-Micheal Jordan, He already has been drafted and your ready to start your first match in the NBA.

How do you get Michael Jordan in 2k10 ps2?

you type air Jordan

How do you unlock Jordan in nba 2k10?

Yes you can, You have to go to the options/codes, type airjordan. No that doesnt work

When does NBA 2k10 come out for xbox360?

October 6th

Can you unlock scottie pippen on NBA 2k10?


How do you unlock Wrigley Field in NHL 2K10?

You can't.

Is Micheal Jordan on 2k10?

I'm not sure but i do not think so.

Michael Jordan cheat for nba 2k10 xbox 360?

Well techinically Micheal Jordan Isn't in nba2k10 for xbox on on the PC idk why though

How can you get Jordan in NBA 2k10?

You need xbox live and than you go to 2k share and download jordan.