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8 years

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โˆ™ 2013-02-28 16:00:04
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Q: How long has Michael Jordan been a NBA basketball legend?
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How long has Michael Jordan been playing basketball?

none of your business.

What is Michael Jordan's work experience?

The majority of Michael Jordan's work experience is playing professional basketball. In addition, he has been the spokesperson for many products he has endorsed.

What is Michael Jordan's sexual orientation?

Michael Jordan the American Basketball great, has been married and has three children. He is now reportedly engaged to be married again (proposed on Christmas eve 2011). He is hetero.

Did Michael Jordan ever jumped and been off the ground for six seconds?

no Michael Jordan have been for 4 seconds

Who is the best basketball player of all time Jordan or Lebron?

Michael Jordan is the Better because he was more dominant in his time. LeBron might have been a better player but he was not as good as jordan winning those titles

Is Micheal Jordan courageous?

Michael Jordan has been proclaimed ". . . the greatest basketball player of all time," but it's not clear to me he's courageous. He may be but I know of nothing that would demonstrate it.

Is Michael Jordan retired or in the hall of fame?

Michael Jordan is retired. He retired after the 2002- 2003 season with the Washington Wizards. He is not eligble to be inducted in to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame until he has been retired for 5 years. Mr Jordan will be eligble to be inducted to the Hall in 2009. PK

Has there been a player that has played more than 2 sports?

Michael Jordan played both professional basketball in the NBA and professional baseball in the MLB.

How are Michael Jordan and Jackie Robinson different?

Firstly they played different sports. Second Jackie Robinson was the first African American allowed to play professional baseball. Meanwhile there had been plenty of African American basketball players before Michael Jordan.

Why did Michael Jordan choose the number 45?

Because when he came back from his first retirement from basketball (when he was playing baseball), his original number, 23, had been retired.

Who is the greastest basketball player ever?

Well, that is debatable. I personally think it is either Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, but many different people have been suggested.

What is an example of endorsement?

An example of an endorsement is Michael Jordan and Hanes. Michael Jordan has been a celebrity endorsement for Hanes for years.

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