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Kenny and the owners of Liverpool have agreed a contract after a few years if Liverpool are doign well they will agree on a new contract if not they will terminate the contract or sack him

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Q: Is Kenny dalglish is permanent coach of Liverpool?
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Which Coach has won the premier league with two different clubs?

Kenny dalglish(blackburn and Liverpool)

Who will take over as manager after Kenny dalglish?

Brendan Rodgers from Swansea FC just made an official move to coach Liverpool FC after the sacking of Kenny Dalglish in April 2012.

Is the owner of a pro soccer team also the manager?

No. The owner and the manager are two different people/jobs. The owner is in charge of everything. The teams manager is more of a coach and works on tactical things in training and games. For example; Liverpool FC owner is John Henry, and there manager is Kenny Dalglish

What is the name of Liverpool coach in football?

The name of Liverpool football coach is Gary Ablett

Who is the first team coach of Liverpool?

Mike Marsh is the first team coach of Liverpool Football Club.

What is the Liverpool coach?

Its a big red bus.

Can you get coach travel from Liverpool to Brighton?

You'll probably have to change at Victoria Coach Station in London.

Who is the coach in Kenny Chesney's boys of fall video?

Sean Payton, head coach of the Saints

How can you get from Manchester to Liverpool?

car, train, bus, coach, hitchhike

How long does it take on coach to Paris from Liverpool?

12 hours

Who is the coach of Liverpool?

Roy Hodgson-since 1st July 2010

Public transport from London to Liverpool?

You can travel by rail (fastest) or coach (cheapest).

Which coach will coach Chelsea fc?

Right now jos'e Mourinho is coaching them By The way Torres is the best player because he played for Liverpool

Who did Tommy burns manage after he left Celtic as boss?

He worked as part of the coaching staff at Newcastle in the Kenny Dalglish period, and then he had a short period as manager of Reading, before returning to Scotland to work for the Scottish national team and again with the Celtic coaching staff. He is currently Youth Development leader and first team coach with Celtic.

Who are the 6 players signed for Celtic after 1999 who have played in an fa cup final?

the six players who were signed for Celtic after 1999 who played in FA cup final were roy keane, he signed for less than a year and then retired . john barnes he was the coach of the celtic,Sir Alex fergusan, kenny delgish, greame souness and hanrik larson

In which years did Liverpool win the champions league?

Liverpool won the champion league last in 2004-5 , in Rafael Benitz s firtst year as coach.

How old is Kenny Rogers?

Actor-singer Kenny Rogers is 79 years old (born August 21, 1938).MLB pitcher and coach Kenny Rogers is 53 years old (birthdate: November 10, 1964).

What music video featured Saints head coach Sean Payton talking in the beginning?

Kenny Chesney- The Boys Of Fall

Will Liverpool buy Michael Owen?

no, rafel benetiz (Liverpool coach) has declared no interest in the former l'pool striker and doesnt need any more striekrs. he already has 5 good anough ones, especially Torres

How do you get from London to stansted?

There are several options 1. Take the tube to London Baker Street Station then hop on the 'easyBus' shuttle to Stansted. 2. Take the National Express coach from London Victoria coach station to Standsted. 3. Take the 'Terravision' coach from London Liverpool Street or Victoria to Standsted. 4. Take the 'Stansted Express Train' service from London Liverpool Street to Stansted 5. Take a Taxi

Have Liverpool been relagated?

They are a bit in a free fall, got to wait for the season, Manager, coach signing etc, no leadership, probably yes.

Who was the first left-handed quarterback to win the Super Bowl?

Kenny Stabler when he played with the Oakland Raiders under then coach, John Madden.

Who did Titi Camera sign for after leaving Liverpool?

West Ham United.. now he wants to be a High markable football coach in Guinea West Ham United.. now he wants to be a High markable football coach in Guinea

The coach that worn uefa champion league 3 times?

bob paisley won champions cup 3 times , either time with liverpool fc

What team did Kenny denunez grow up to coach in the sandlot?

His sons little league team. He plays AAA ball as a pitcher. Never goes to the show.