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Kenny dalglish(blackburn and Liverpool)

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Q: Which Coach has won the premier league with two different clubs?
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How many different clubs have played in premier league since its inception?

43 Clubs have played in the Premier League.

How do teams make it into the Premier League?

There are 20 clubs in the Premier League.

Player who has won the premier league with 3 different clubs?

Cristiano ronaldo

Who have scored a goal for 7 different premier league clubs?

I think crouch

How many clubs in premier?

There are always 20 clubs in the premier league every season.

Who has made more than 100 premier league appearance for 3 different premier league clubs?

Rory Delap and Gary Speed

Who played his first 3 premier league games for different clubs?

Sean Irwin

Which footballer has won the premiership champions league and been relegated from the premier league playing for different clubs?


How many premier league?

18 clubs

How many clubs are the in the premier league?


How many clubs were in the premier league before world war 2?

none there was no premier league then

Who was the first footballer to win the Premier League Championship with two different clubs?

eric cantana

Who is the only player to be relegated from the premier league five times with five different clubs?


Where can someone find information on English Premier League Table?

The Premier League is an English professional league for men's football clubs. There are 20 clubs contesting in this league. There is a Barclays Premier Football League Table on the website called "PremierLeague".

Which premier league clubs has never been relegated from both the division one and premier league?


How many clubs have won a double in the English premier league?

7 clubs

What is the Barclays Premier League?

Barclays Premier League is an English football league for football clubs. It is for professionals. The league is currently sponsored by the Barclay Bank.

20 c in the pl?

"Twenty Clubs in the Premier League".

How many clubs play in the English Premier League?


Who has Played for 3 premier league clubs?

Peter Crouch

Which player has won the premier league fa cup and carling cup with 2 different clubs?

david may

Which manager has managed four different Premier League clubs?

there are two - Ron atkinson, and Graham Souness! Harry Redknapp

What Players have scored a hatrick for 3 different clubs in the premier league?

Kevin Campbell, Teddy Sheringham and Les Ferdinand.

Has Nicolas Anelka scored hat-tricks for 3 different premier league clubs?

No, only for Man City (twice).

Who has scored hat tricks for 3 different premier league clubs?

Kevin Campbell, Yakubu, Sherringham, Les Ferdinand