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No because Kane or Glen Jacobs and Undertaker or Mark Calaway are not even brothers that was just a storyline.

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Q: Is Kane and undertakers mom ana dad dead?
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Is Kane and undertakers Mom And Dad dead?


Who is the undertakers dad?

in wwe they say that his father(and kane's) is paul bearer

Is undertakers dad dead?

No because undertaker bured him

What is the story about undertaker?

The story is, Kane and the undertaker were playing with matches and Kane accidently burned down the house killing his mom and dad. The undertaker felt responsible for this because he was the oldest and should've known better. Paul Bearer (the undertaker's manager) made the undertaker believe that he burned it down and the undertaker admitted that he did but he didn't. The undertaker thought Kane was dead after the fire but the Kane interfered in the undertakers match with shawn michaels for the first time. Taker looked at Kane confused and Kane delivered a tombstone piledriver. And that's the undertakers childhood story. (:

Did Kane buryed undertaker?

NO WAY!!!! Ok when the undertaker was a little boy his mother or father died and his mom or dad married kanes mom or dad and that makes Kane undertakers step brother. And trust me I am his #1 fan in the whole entire world!! he is sooo hot!!

Who is Kane and undertakers dad and mum?

nobody know i think they both died in the house fire BY SCOTT MILLER

Is undertakers mom or dad married to Kanes mom or dad?

Yes kanes dad is married to undertakers mom @_@

What is undertakers dad's name?

it was paul bearer that is why edge kidnaped him to win the world heavy weghit champion and undertaker and Kane are brothers so paul bearer is his father

What happoned when Kane and undertaker were kids?

Kane and undertaker used to play with mathes and chemicals when they were kids.there dad owned a funeral home and Kane was left alone and he burned evrything down.he killed his mom and dad and then Kane was known as dead but he came back to life

Who is kane's dad?

Paul Bearer is supposedly Kane's dad

Who is undertakers dad?

Father James Mitchell

Did undertakers mom dad and brother die?

No they did not

Who is undertakers mom and dad?

Mommy Undertaker and Daddy Undertaker.

What is in undertakers ern?

The ashes of his Paul Bearer (Kanes dad)

Who is the undertakers real parents?

his real parents are your mom and dad haha!!!

What is the undertakers Dads name?

Paul Bearer is e undertaker's dad

Did Kane's dad die?

Kane's dad did NOT die according to WWE. Edge just wants to get Kane by abducting his father for the world heavy weight championship.

Is paul bearer really undertakers dad?

no he isin`t related with the undertaker

Who is Kane and undertaker's dad?

Kane and Undertaker aren't related in real life.

Do the undertaker and Kane have the same mom?

Kane and undertaker have the same mom but not dad because Kane's real name is Glenn Thomas and the undertaker real name is Mark William so they don't have the real dad.

What happens in the scene when killer Kane starts to choke Loretta in the book Freak the Mighty?

She is almost dead when max starts yelling at his dad. and then Killer Kane walks over to max and starts to chocke hime when freak comes up with a squirt gun...

Is it the bald Kane behind the mask of the other Kane?

There is only one kane and that is Glenn Jacobs, and Sid Vicious is NOT Ziggler's dad! they are not related

Is Paul Bearer Undertakers Father?

No he is not ! In the WWF storyline Paul Bearer was KANES' father . He had an affair with Undertakers' mother after Taker was born . When the Undertaker won the title at WrestleMania 13 against Psycho Sid Paul wanted to rejoin the deadman after he turned his back on him with mankind in the boiler room brawl but Taker was having none of it , so Paul then said if you don't join me I'll reveal your secret which was that Kane was alive and after Kane debuted Paul told the world that he slept with Takers mother and he was KANES' father .but if he is kanes dad and udertaker is kanes brother that means that means that he is.

Who is Trey Songz's dad?

john kane

Who is trey songz's dad?

john kane