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Q: Is India and Pakistan semi final match is fixed?
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Who was the man of the match in India Pakistan semi final match 2011?

Sachin Tendulkar was the man of the match in India Pakistan semi final match 2011.

Who will won the cricket match final in Mumbai India versus srilanka?


Who was the man of the match of world cup semi final 2011 in Pakistan ad India?

Sachin Tendulkar

Who captained Pakistan in the 1996 World cup quarter final match against India?

Amir sohail

What is the score in the 2nd Semi-final match of World Cup 2011 between Ind vs Pak?

The score of the match was: India 260/9 Pakistan 231/10.

How won the match between India and Pakistan in 1987 world cup?

An India Vs. Pakistan match never happened in the 1987 world cup. India and Pakistan were in different groups in the tournament. Both teams qualified for the Semi finals but the semis were between Australia & Pakistan and India & England and hence a India Vs. Pakistan never happened.

Who won the cricket match between India and Pakistan on 15 June 2013?


Who was the wicketkeeper of India in world cup 2003 final match?

First of all, India did not make to the final match in 2003 world cup.

Where is the live coverage of Pakistan vs India semi final in London?

Live coverage of the match was done in Punjab Cricket Assocciation Ground,Mohali.

Is India meet Pakistan in world cup semifinals?

Yes India meet Pakistan in world cup semifinals.India won the match.

Who won the kabbadi match between India vs Pakistan in dhaka on 02.01.10.?

India won the match (points 18-15)

Which country did India defeat in order to win this test match?


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