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The score of the match was:

India 260/9

Pakistan 231/10.

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Q: What is the score in the 2nd Semi-final match of World Cup 2011 between Ind vs Pak?
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What is the highest score in World Cup?

The first round match between Hungary and El Salvador in the 1st Round which Hungary won 10-1 is the highest recorded score in the World Cup finals

Who got the highest score in world cup?

The highest number of goals scored in a world cup match is 10-1 in the match between Hungry and El Salnador , Hungry won it 10=1.

What is the score between France and Mexico world cup 2010?

0-0 good match though there have been a lot of chances!

What was the score in the match between France and south Africa in the 1998 fifa world cup?

France 3 - 0 South Africa

Who was the man of the match in the India Pakistan semifinals of the 2011 world cup?

sachin ramesh tendulkar scored 80+ odd runs in the semifinal against pakistan in punjab national Acadmy mohali due to which india managed a score 260 in reply pakistan were bundled down for a score of 231 allout with Misbah scoring 56 runs

What was d final score of cricket world cup 2011 final match?

Final score of cricket world cup 2011 final match: Sri Lanka:274/6 India;277/4

What is the most common score in a world cup final match?

The most common score in a World Cup finals match is 1-0.

What is the score in football match between UAE and Lebanon in 2012?


Who score the first goal in the match between Chelsea vers arsenel?


Who scored the first four in the Cricket World Cup 2011?

the first match was played between India and bangladesh at sher-e-bangla and the indian team batted first and virender sehwag of india scored the first four of first ball faced and he went on to score his highest world cup score 175 and the Indians won that match

Which team score 12 goals in the world cup match?

so far know one has.

Which team score most goals in a single match of world cup football 2010?