Is Foosball a sport or a game?

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Foosball, also known as table football, is considered a game and a sport.

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Q: Is Foosball a sport or a game?
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Can you spin the players in foosball?

No, that would be cheating in the game of foosball

Is this the write way to spell foosball?

Yes, it is spelled Foosball. (But it's the wrong way to spell "write"...well, in that context, anyway.) Foosball is the table soccer game !

How do you say Foosball in french?

It's the same: Foosball.

Is foosball an olympic sport?

If you hit in to the opponents goal from the goalie it is 2 points. if you shoot from anything Else it is 1 point.

What is the most popular sports in Argentina?

Soccer, or as they call it in Argentina and most of the world, football, is the most popular sport in Argentina.

How do you beat Timmy at Foosball?

You play him on the foosball table until you win

Which sport has ten letters remove the forth and sixth letter becomes another sport change first four letters to the thing on which you walk becomes another sport change fourth letter to gee another?

Basketball > Baseball > Football > Foosball

Where can one learn to play fussball?

Information about how to play foosball can be found online on sites like Recroom-products, Moosmanchu, and foosball. Videos on how to play foosball can also be found on Youtube.

Where was the first toy of foosball invented?

The first patent of foosball as we know it today was originally lodged in the UK.

Is 'foosball' an adjective?


Is softball a game or a sport?

Softball is both a game (a game of softball) and a sport (the popular sport of softball.

How did foosball get its name?

The name foosball is derived from how the Germans spelled the word football. They spelled football as in FuBball, which the B looks like two S's. Therefore, people traditionally started calling it foosball.

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