Is Figure skating a sport

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Yes, it is.

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Q: Is Figure skating a sport
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Related questions

Where can you do figure skating?

Figure skating is an ice sport so it is done on ice.

Is figure skating a real sport?

Figure Skating is classed as a sport and is recognised by the International Olympics Committee as being one!!

Is figure skating in the summer Olympics?

No, Figure Skating is a sport in the Winter Olympics only.

When did figure skating become an Olympic sport?

Figure skating has been an Olympic sport since the first Winter Olympics in 1924.Figure skating became part of the Olympics in the year 1908.

When did dance figure skating become an olympic sport?

In 1920 the mens figure skating started first.

Why do they have figure skating on the Olympics?

Figure skating may not look like a sport but it is extremely physically demanding.

What sport has figure eights as one of its moves?

figure skating

How was figure skating first played?

The sport figure skating was first played in 1772. A Treatise on Skating (1772) by Englishman Robert Jones, is the first known account of figure skating.

How to play the figure skating?

you cant really play figure skating. figure skating is a sport that you perform in, not really play. should answer most of your questions, if you click on the links there.

What winter sport are axels performed in?

Figure Skating is the most popular winter sport to have axels.

Is figure skating an international sport?


Is figure skating an official sport?


A sport that you move backwards to in?

Figure skating

Is Figure Skating the most popular sport?


What is Greenlands famous sport?

Figure skating

Was there a time when figure skating was not contested?

Yes. As an Olympic sport, figure skating was originally a part of the Summer Games, since most rinks were outdoors at that time. It was contested in 1908 and 1920. Figure skating has been a Winter Olympic sport since 1924.

Why is figure skating a sport used in the Olympics?

Figure skating is one of the hardest sports around and requires exceptional skill

Is dancing a sport?

Yes, dancing is a sport as it has competitions, competitors and judges its basically figure skating but not on ice all figure skating is is dancing on ice and its a sport. Therefore I conclude dancing is a competitive sport not only for women but for men too.

How long was figure skating an olympic sport?

Figure skating has appeared in every Winter Olympics since the first Games in 1924.

Is there any other sport to help with improving your figure skating?

The sport that will help improve figure skating is ballet and yoga. These two sports help improve flexabilitly and balance which are both needed to be a good figure skater. :)

What sport is Carol Heiss famous for?

Figure skating

What sport did Torvill and Dean compete in?

figure skating

When did figure skating become a sport?

i think 1920

What is the most talent oriented sport?

Figure skating.

What sport was Carol Heiss a champion?

Figure Skating