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Q: Is Diana federer jelous of Roger Federer?
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How old is Diana Federer?

Diana Federer is the older sister of tennis player Roger Federer. Roger was born in 1981, so Diana is likely born a few years before. This would put her in her mid-late 30s.

Who is roger federer sister?


What is Roger Federer's full name?

Roger Federer.

Did Roger Federer have any siblings?

He has an older sister named Diana

Who do you like federer or nadal?

Roger Federer

Is Roger Federer from Spain?

Federer is from Switzerland

What is Roger Federer's native language?

Roger Federer was born in and still lives in Switzerland.He is from Basel Switzerland

Who is more famous James Bond or Roger Federer?

Roger Federer

Who has won the most tennis majors?

Roger Federer

What is the book to read Roger Federer biography?

Roger federer the quest for perfection, fantastic federer, roger federer the greatest. Sry if i missed out any! Have fun reading it! Jack tomlinson

What is Andy roddick's record against Roger Federer?

20-2 federer is record of roddick against roger federer

Who is more famous Garfield or Roger Federer?

Roger Federer is more famous.