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yes, there are a lot of good ski runs, and some good quality resorts.

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Q: Is Bulgaria good for skiing
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Related questions

What are the best mountains for skiing in Bulgaria?

According to various websites, the best mountain in Bulgaria for skiing, is the Vitosha mountain. The Vitosha mountain is situated close to the capital of Bulgaria.

Domestic tourism in Bulgaria?


What is the weather like in February in Bulgaria?

February is mid-winter in Bulgaria, so the weather is pretty frosty. It's mostly around or below 0°C and it is often snowing. There are good conditions for skiing.

What 2010 winter olympic games did Bulgaria play?

Bulgaria sent athletes to compete in short track speed skating, snowboarding, alpine skiing, luge, biathlon, and cross country skiing at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. They did not win any medals.

What is skiing good for?

skiing is good to do for funskiing is a healthy way to get exerciseskiing is an enjoyable family activity

What is a good title for an essay about skiing?

skiing or snow adventure

What Bulgaria ski resorts are popular?

The mountains Rila and Pirin are two very popular ski resorts in Bulgaria. Rodope is also a very popular mountain ski resort with great opportunities for skiing.

Which locations in Bulgaria are most popular for investors interested in ski property?

Bulgaria has excellent skiing, and property is dirt cheap when compared with places like France or Austria. Popular investment spots are Bansko and Bovorets.

Is skiing good for you?

Skiing is good for you because it stretches your muscles, and you move a lot so you get a lot of exercise.

Is today a good day to go skiing?

That depends on where you are, and whether you're talking about water skiing or snow skiing.

Can you go skiing in Bulgaria in the winter?

Yes you can. I cannot name the resorts though I have friends who have done it. They have the odd custom of charging per lift.

when is a good time to go heli skiing?

Heli skiing is done during the winter months because you need snow. Which is why it is called skiing. Exactly when, I do not know. I am not an expert on skiing.

What are some good skiing resorts in British Columbia?

There are several different good skiing resorts that are located in British Columbia. Some of these skiing resorts are: Big White Ski Resort and Purden Ski Village.

Are Bulgaria and china allies?

Bulgaria and China are allies and their good relations can be shown by the China embassy in Sofia, and Bulgaria's embassy in Beijing.

Is Ireland a good skiing country?

Ireland does not get enough snow to have constant places for skiing in winter, so it is not good for skiing. There are no ski resorts in Ireland. Irish people who want to ski go to other countries to do so.

How is skiing good for you?

It depends what kind.....Cross-country skiing at a good pace (generally on a rolling hills terrain to very hilly) is proven to be the best sport for you. Skate-skiing works nearly every muscle!! Downhill skiing on the other hand is a leisurely and pointless sport if you are looking to get fit!!! Downhill skiing is not bad for you(but you could injure yourself)

Which landform is good for skiing?


Which landform is good for skiing and why?

cause they are small and safe

What country does Neilson Skiing manufacture in?

Neilson Skiing manufactures its equipment in Great Britain. Neilson (not to be confused with Nelson) Skiing is a ski manufacturing company that is very good.

Are Bulgaria and Malaysia allies?

Bulgaria and Malaysia are good allies given that they are all part of NATO.

What are the states good for skiing?

It depends on where you go. Colorado is a good one to ski in. There are a few good resorts in Pennsylvania and New York. I think that in the winter, where ever you go that is in the mountainous parts of the US would be good for skiing.

Is Bulgaria a worst country?

No, Bulgaria is not the worst country in the world. Like any country, there are good things and bad things about it. Bulgaria has many positive qualities.

Why is skiing good?

It is good because you can get exercise while having fun

What is the state of education in Bulgaria?

Good and with future perspectives There is a high literacy rate in Bulgaria. ...A+

What is life like in Bulgaria?