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Q: Is Boston celtics better than LA Lakers?
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Are the Los Angeles Lakers better than the Boston Celtics?

of course.

Who better los angles lakers or Boston Celtics?

Los Angles Lakers is my team Azeez. Whoever we play we smash them. Boston Celtics is some trash. Lakers is better than boring Celtics. We go to the "NBA FINALS" ever year if we play the Celtics they can never beat us. Can`t stop "Kobe Bryant". Will make a shot in your face. "LOS ANGLES LAKERS ALL DAY". "BOO Celtics".

Are the Celtics better than the lakers?

Heck no. Celtics are good but the Lakers would stomp them so bad.

Why are the Los Angeles Lakers better than the Celtics history wise?

they have had better teams

Who has home court advantage between lakers and Celtics?

The Lakers have home court advantage during the 2010 NBA Finals because they had a better regular-season record than the Celtics. Los Angeles was 57-25; Boston was 50-32.

Are the Celtics older than the lakers?

In terms of organizational age, the Celtics and the Lakers both were formed in 1946.

Who is better the Lakers or Celtics?

That's up to your personal opinion:In 2010-2011, the edge goes to the Lakers. They have won more games against the Celtics, which indicates that they're better. They have also won more championships over the last 20 years, while the Celtics glory years date to the 1960s and 1980s. After losing in 2008, the Lakers topped the Celtics in 2010. The Lakers also reach the finals more than the Celtics do. Overall, the Lakers are better now especially because Shaq retired in 2011.Celtics won a game, and then got out, but the Lakers lost all without winning.Boston Celtics Because they have more titles than the L.A. Lakers.Lakers because more championships against the Celtics and they have Kobe Bryant.

Most winning nba team?

I hate them both, but Lakets & Celtics. Lakers have 16 rings, Celtics have 17. Lakers have made it to the finals more than Celtics.

How many NBA Championships have the Boston Celtics won between 1970-2010?

they have won 17 chaampionships 1 more than the lakers

Why are the lakers better than the Boston Celtics?

The Lakers: Have one superstar, Kobe Bryant. Fisher is too old to do anything but hit wide open shots, Bynum is decent but is too injury prone, Gasol is the most overrated player in the NBA, and Artest is a decent defender but can't contribute on offense. lakers are better because they don't need more than one superstar, look at Kobe compared to the celtics superstars, Kobe still scores 27 points a game, and has more championships than all of the celtics superstars combined, he is still young enough to score like that, he doesn't need a good game to get that many points, the celtics players only get that on a good night and they just lost to the lakers in the 2010 finals, lakers are better and always will be

Did the celtics win more championship games than the lakers?


Who is better Celtics or cavaliers?

Yes the Celtics are better than the Cavaliers

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