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Rules state that the umpires are part of the playing field.

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Q: Is Baseball ump part of the field if hit by a batted ball?
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In baseball if a batted ball hits a base in the air and is caught before it touches the ground is it an out?

No, the bases are treated like part of the ground.

What if the catcher touches a batted ball that hits the plate?

Home plate is considered just as much "fair territory" as any other part of the playing field. If a batted ball comes to rest on home plate without being touched by any player, it is a fair ball. If a catcher grabs the ball, when the only part of the field the ball has touched is home plate, the ball is fair -- just as if it had bounced only within the chalk lines. Thus, if a batter hits the ball downward onto the plate, and the ball then bounces into the air, and the catcher grabs the ball in the air before it hits any other part of the field -- the ball is fair. Since, at this point, the batter must run to first base, the catcher could throw the runner out at first.

If a base runner is hit by the ball is it a dead ball?

No. Runner is part of the field, therefor the ball is in play and the runner is out.

In soccer are the touch line and goal line part of the field of play?

In order for the ball to be out of play the whole of the ball has to cross the whole of the line therefore technically the lines are part of the field of play.

What is hardest part of the baseball itself?

catching the ball

What part of the shoe should strike the ball for a punt and field goal?


Are touch lines in or out for soccer?

The touch line is considered part of the field. Every part of the ball must completely exit the field for play to be stopped.

Why does the ball stay in play when hit off the wall?

It is considered part of the field of play.

What is the part of the baseball bat where you hit the ball called?

sweet spot

What part of speech is the word field?

The part of speech for field depends on how the word is used.See the examples below.The coach pulled me out of the game because I didn't field the ball well.(Here, field is a verb.)The wildflowers grew in a field behind our house. (Field is a noun.)

In baseball while in the field if the ball is caught in one hand and the other hand reaches out to touch the bag is it a force out or does the ball hand have to touch the bag?

As long as the player has control of the ball in either hand or glove and any part of the body touches the bag it is an out (only for a force out).

What is the ruling if an offensive player kicks a batted ball in play in baseball?

If the batter intentionally or accidently kicks the ball, he is considered out. Any contact after a batted ball by the batter is an out. See the rules, 6 (batter), and 7 (runner) in the link below. Keep in mind that the offensive players on the field are the batter and runners. If the ball makes incidental contact with an offensive player (as opposed to intentional on the part of a defensive player) before the ball contacts a defensive player, the offensive player is out. One exception to this is when a ball contacts a batter in the batter's box, provided the batter is not swinging on a third strike, in which case he is out. Ball contact with the batter mean he takes first, with the one exception of course.

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