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Yes, Argentina are better than Mexico. Argentina put Mexico out in the last World Cup.

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Q: Is Argentina's soccer team better than Mexico's soccer team?
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What is Argentinas soccer team nickname?

"La Selección" or "La Albiceleste"

What is Argentinas soccer team name?

La Albiceleste which is Spanish for "The White and Sky Blue"

What is mexicos national soccer team rank according to fifa?

Currently, Mexico are ranked at number 18.

Is the Mexican soccer team better than the us soccer team?


What soccer team is better than Brazil's 1970 team?

There was no team better than Brazil at that time.

What is the nickname of Argentinas national rugby team?


What kind of drills does a professional soccer team do?

They do all kinds of drills to help the soccer team get better.

Who is better in soccer Mexico or Uruguay?

Uruguay is deff. a better team

What team is better in soccer Mexico or Peru?


What soccer team is better Germany or Italy?


Which team is better Italy or Argentina in soccer?

It is Italy.

What soccer team is better France or Greece?


Who was in Argentinas team 1986?

Diego Maradona, Jorge bhrachuggha.

Is Mexicos world cup team good?

Of course

Who is a better soccer team real Madrid or Barcelona?


Are Chelsea the best soccer team in the world?

No Barcelona are better.

Is the US soccer team better than Spain's soccer team?

Spain is ranked #1 in the FIFA ranking. The U.S. are ranked 22nd.

Why is Nigeria not in the new soccer game?

because it is a bad soccer team and there are better teams to be put in the game.

How good is pasa soccer?

they are the best team ever every player on the team is better than you

Is soccer team Barcelona better than Real Madrid?


Is Portugal better then Italy at soccer?

Portugal is a much stronger team

Does Manchester united the best soccer team?

No , Liverpool is more better

Witch soccer team is better chivas or America?

Chivas! Its a no brainer

How do you get better in soccer?

The only way to get better at soccer is to practice, practice, practice! You could join a team or just practice at your house and play with your friends.

Is the national soccer team of England good?

no , Germany is better and Spain is the best