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not really.... if you could get that down to 2:20 that would be good

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ya that's pretty in 8th grade and i run a 24 and last year i believe i ran a 27.5

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That is a really good time. I'm also a 7th grader and ran my first 400 in about the same and I am considered good. So yeah that is a great time. Keep working at it!

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Q: Is 2 min 40 sec a good time in the 800 meter run for a seventh grader?
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Is 180 a good score on the PSAT for a seventh grader taking it for the first time?

Yes. It is a very good score for a seventh grade and is approximately equivalent to the 90th percentile for a sophomore.

How much time do you spend studying?

I think a seventh grader should study at least thirty minutes a day.

Seventh grade boys 100 meter dash times?

I do not know exactly for boys, but I am a 7th grade girl and it takes me 15-16 seconds. Im a 7th grader and I ran mine in 13.4 my friend ran his in 12.8. I am now an 8th grader who runs 12 seconds flat, but in 7th grade I could beat most of the eighth graders with 12.5.

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What would be the average time of a 7th grader on a 400M?

well my daughter is eleven and she does a minute nineteen (she is best in her elementary school) but she is fifth grade. so for seventh grade an average is probably about one minute five seconds or under if you are good.

What is a good 40 time for a ninth grader?

anywhere between 4.7 and 5.1

What is good time for a second grader in the 400 meter?

If we're talking crazy fast then 1:10-1:20 would be pretty good, otherwise good times could range from 1:25-1:40; average times are anything above that.

What is the average time spent by a year 8 student on homework?

if youre referring to a seventh grader as in the seventh year of school its aprx 2 and a half hours but if you are reffering to college i dont know but would guess about seven give or take an hour...

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What is a good time in the 400 meter dash for a 11 year old boy?

1min 10secs should be a good time