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If we're talking crazy fast then 1:10-1:20 would be pretty good, otherwise good times could range from 1:25-1:40; average times are anything above that.

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About 1:15

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Q: What is good time for a second grader in the 400 meter?
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What is good time for 14 year old girl 400 mETER?

about 55 to 60 second maybe, i can run it in 56.21 second you

Is 2 min 40 sec a good time in the 800 meter run for a seventh grader?

not really.... if you could get that down to 2:20 that would be good

What are the SI units for distance and time?

The SI unit for distance is the meter (m), and the SI unit for time is the second (s).

Convert 12 minutes to meter per second?

You cannot convert minutes to meter per second. because minutes is a time unit and meter per second is a velocity unit.

What is a good 40 time for a ninth grader?

anywhere between 4.7 and 5.1

What is a 9.7 second 100 meter run converted to 40 yards?

A 9.7-second 100 meter run converts to a 3.55-second time for 40 yards.

What is the SI base units for length and time?

For length Meter and for time Second.

What units are SI units... a. meter per second b. minute per meter c. gram per second d. kg meter per second e. km per second... How can you tell?

a. Meter per second and d. kg meter per second are SI units because they involve the base SI units meter (m) and kilogram (kg). b. Minute per meter, c. gram per second, and e. km per second are not SI units as they do not use the base SI units.

The SI base units for length and time are?

The SI base unit for length is the meter (m), and for time, it is the second (s).

What is SI unit for Length Mass Volume and time?

The SI unit for length is meter (m), for mass is kilogram (kg), for volume is cubic meter (m^3), and for time is second (s).

What are the basic metric units of length mass time and volume?

Length . . . meter Mass . . . kilogram Time . . . second Volume . . . cubic meter

What time should a 2nd grader be going to bed?

second graders should go to bed at 8:00.