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Any age is a good time to start but if you are 20 it would be very hard to become a professional Ballet dancer. If you are just doing it for fun and for exercise that is okay.

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Q: Is 20 is a good age to start studying ballet?
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What is the age you have to get in to ballet classes and later become a ballerina?

There are no age limits to start ballet as each studio differs but it is best not to start too early, six is a good age to start at if you want to be a professional ballerina

Is 13 a good age to start studying ballet?

I am 13 and interested in studying ballet as well. Although I believe it is never too late to do anything, it will be really difficult to learn. Ballet has many different positions to learn and jumps to learn. And you must be EXTREMELY flexible. Most children start when they're really young. But if you really want to do it, then do it.(: Don't be discouraged though, I am 13 and have never done ballet before now in my life.(:

Is it a good idea to start ballet at age fifteen?


Can you be 12 years old and go to bally Gym?

Twelve is a good age to start ballet.

When is it a good age to start ballet?

Mostly 13 or under, while your still in the flexible age, but if your born flexible any age is great.

Can you start ballet at age 17?

Yes you can!You can start at any age but it is best to not start when you are at primary school!

What age did William Forsythe start dancing?

He'd always been a good social dancer. He didn't start dancing ballet until he was eighteen.

Is 11 too old to start ballet?

no it is a great age to start, go for gold

When did Brahms start training?

He started studying at the age of 7. At that time he was studying piano.

When do kids normally start dancing ballet?

Around the age of 3

How old do you have to be to get into Ballet School?

you can start ballet at any age there are classes for 2 year olds all the way up yo adult. It is a common misconception that you have to be young to start ballet, i started when i was 13 and now im en pointe and as good as my friends how have been doing it since they were four. so please dont be put off by your age ballet is wonderful no matter how old you are !! :)

At what age can you start studying to be a pilot?

Answer 1: you can start studying to be a pilot at 16 years of age but, you wont get the license until you have 21 years of age. Answer 2: You can begin studying to become a pilot as soon as you are able to read, write and demonstrate an adequate understanding of mathematics at, or beyond, a secondary school level.

Can you start ballet at age 12?

Yes you can start ballet at any age. Just remember it may be harder to pick up the technique later but don't give up. Also you will most likely have to start in a lower level class then others your age.

Is thera any age limit to start studying medicine?

You can start informally anytime

Is grade 4 IDTA ballet good for a 12 year old?

It's not really about your age, it's about how good you are at ballet, your age doesn't really matter. It is quite challenging but it depends on how well you do at ballet and if you have been through the other grades.

Can i start ballet at age ten instead of a younger age?

Yes you can. It is recommended that you start at an early age as your bones are more flexible but 10 is still young.

When is it the best time to start ballet with the hope of becoming a ballerina?

At least the age of 5.

What age should you start ballet?

I would say about 6 or 8 years old.

When did darcey start ballet?

She started her professional training at the Charlotte School, in London. Her dancing career at the Royal Ballet began at the age of 13.

Where do you learn ballet?

You can start learning ballet at any time. If you start too young, you could get into bad habits, and the Ropyal Ballet School says you should start around 6-7 years of age. You go down to the locakl ballet school, and if you are amazing, auditionj for the Royal Ballet School. Also, go for their Summer School. You learn LOADS, and it is amazing there!!

Can you start ballet at the age of 14 or is it too late?

Of coarse you can it's never really too late I mean their are such thing as ladies ballet classes

If you are 10 can you start ballet?

Yes you can start ballet at any age, except before you can walk! Just make sure you can afford lessons and you will want to try hard and work at it because you won't get it quickly. Also find a good studio and find the right class(es)

To old to start ballet?

Absolutely NO person is too old to start ballet, unless you are 50+ and unable to move your body in the different positions. There are many pro dancers that started ballet in middle-collage age. Hope i helped(: <3, Marissa

What are the ages for Ballet?

all ages theres no age limit the teachers decide what class you should be in but 6 is the best age to start at

Is 15 too old to re-start ballet and modern?

No, 15 isn't too old to start/re-start but its more that it is easier when you have started ballet at a young age because your body is more attuned to the physical pressures of ballet. But if you have done ballet it shouldn't be too bad and at least you'll have some sort of idea of what you are doing! :D