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in my opinion zero mystery or fallen are the best brands

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โˆ™ 2012-07-12 23:37:39
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Q: In your opinion what is the best brand of skateboard?
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What is the best skateboard ever?

brand? Powell

Which is the best skateboard?

In my opinion 'Blinds' are the best for my type of skating.

Is element the best skateboard brand?

It all depends on a persons opinion, i personally like them but i would prefer girls skateboards over them.

Is girl a good skateboard brand?

Girl is the best deck brand out there.

What is the best make of skateboard?

Its a matter of opinion and preference

What brand of skateboard is the best?

id say Habitat

What is a good brand of skateboard?

The best board brand would be girl no dour about it

What brand of skateboard wheels are best?

Ricta and Bones wheels are the best!

Which saxophone brand is the best?

The best saxophone brand is a matter of opinion. My current opinion is a Yamaha or a Conn.

What is the best brand of wetsuit?

In my opinion, BlueSeventy is the best brand of wetsuit.

Is girl a good skateboard?

Girl is my favorite brand and one of the best out there

Is alien workshop a good skateboard brand?

yes alien workshop is one of the best skateboard brands around.

What is the best skateboard copmany?

Trust me.. There really isn't too much of which skateboard brand is the best. One person might tell you that an "element" skateboard is the best there is.. And later, another person would tell you that its the worst D: If your going to get your first skateboard, look for the one that you think has the best graphics. Later on, you'll figure out which brand feels the best under your feet!

What is the best skateboard wheel brand?

To my belief and perspective, spitfire is the most sick, wiked, and most pop wheel for the skateboard.

What company makes the best skateboard?

Plan b or darkstar in my personal opinion

Which skateboard brand has the best hardware?

If you are talking about the bolts, then I recommend lucky hardware.

What is the best skateboard brand ever made?

Board: Hook Ups Trucks: Independent Wheels: Spitfire Bearings: Nachi It's all personal opinion dude. Whatever.

What is the best brand of snapbacks?

It mostly depend on your opinion. i think that the best brand would be OBEY.

What is the best brand of batteries used for flashlights?

The best battery brand, in my opinion, is Sanyo Japan

Whats the best skateboard brand?

flip. alien workshop, zero, chocolate, girl

What skateboard brands are best for vert skating?

Elephant brand skateboards or Dogtown skateboards.

Is alien workshop a good skateboard deck?

It is the second best tech deck brand.

What skateboard brand has most cancave?

my favorite is plan b they seem to flick the best!

What is the best brand of metal file cabinets?

This is really a matter of opinion. In my opinion Staples brand is the best, but that is because I prefer to shop based on value.

What is the best Merlot brand?

That is a matter of personal opinion.