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flip is one of the best skate boards you could buy.

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โˆ™ 2010-07-06 05:05:01
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Q: Is flip a good skateboard brand?
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What kind of skateboard is used the most?

The most chosen brand is baker & flip.

Is Hectic a good skateboard brand?


Is adrenaline a good skateboard brand?


Whats the best skateboard brand?

flip. alien workshop, zero, chocolate, girl

Is Vision a good skateboard brand?

depends on the person but overall its a good brand...

Is girl a good skateboard brand?

Girl is the best deck brand out there.

Why is it good if a skateboard has good pop?

the better the pop on a skateboard deck, the higher you will go when you ollie, kickflip or do any flip trick :)

Is alienworkshop a good skateboard brand?

yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they heeps good.

Is street grind a good skateboard brand?

Street grind is practically a bad brand. I suggest you to buy Hercules skateboard

Is Real A Good Skateboard Brand?

yes of course

What is a good brand of skateboard?

The best board brand would be girl no dour about it

Which skateboard brand is better flip or black label?

Flip is more popular and has higher quality boards. Flip has less concave though. Some people like that. It's an opinion.

Is ambiguous a skateboard brand?

Yes i have one they are so good

What are some good names for a skateboard deck brand?

what about lush

Is almost a good skateboard brand?

i would say NO yes they are they are very good

What is the fastest speed on a skateboard?

Ben harvatts Flip appleyard/core skateboard is the fastest,best,most valued skateboard ever! But billy's is pretty good too,

What is a good place buy a skateboard?

West 49 is a good place to buy a skateboard. Or any brand name store you like. :)

Are Flip skateboards any good?

ITS GOING TO BE MY BIRTH DAY OCTOBER 24 I tryed a flip it was very good and that's the skateboard deck im getting.Never get world industries i got one but its squeaquy.I tryed jarts skateboard but is a euoepian skatebrand its good

Is alien workshop a good skateboard brand?

yes alien workshop is one of the best skateboard brands around.

Is girl a good skateboard?

Girl is my favorite brand and one of the best out there

Is element a good skateboard brand?

Yes it's one my favorites

Is airwalk a good skateboard brand?

it is ok if you first start off when you get good get zero

Is a flip skateboard better then an element skateboard?

Yea,Flips are better then Element

Who made the first full flip on a skateboard?

i did it

How much does a good skateboard cost?

$75-$125 depending on what type of brand it is