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in 1982

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Q: In which year did Roger Federer win his first Wimbledon?
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Which year did Roger Federer win his sixth Wimbledon title?


What round did Roger Federer get kicked out of the Wimbledon competition this year?

In this years Wimbledon competition, Roger Federer was knocked out in the second round. He was given the early exit by Swiss player Sergiy Stakhovsky.

Who won this year's Wimbledon men's singles title?

The person who won the Title is Roger Federer

Who won the men's singles tournament at Wimbledon in 2006?

Roger Federer was the mens singles champion in the year 2006

Who won the mens title at the Wimbledon tennis tornarment this year?

Roger Federer beat Andy murray by 3 sets to 1.

In the Roger Federer biography Quest for Perfection the author describes her first meeting with Federer in what year?


What are the major achievements of Roger Federer?

Well I am a Rafael Nadal fan but I do not think Roger Federer is the best of all times I think it is Pete Sampras. But the big thing that Roger Federer has done was win slams in which you can check on his wiki. But Roger Federer's best year was 2009 he won Wimbledon, Roland Garos but Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic have don a better achievements. Nadal: Win Roland Garos, Wimbledon , Us Open 2010 Djokovic Win all the slams in 2011 but Roland garos

What is Roger Federer's yearly salary?

Roger Federer makes $55 million dollars a year. Roger Federer is most known as being a tennis player. Roger is 32 years old.

How many times did Federer lose Wimbledon?

once just this year

Is this the beginning of the end for Roger Federer?

Yes, but it started last year during Wimbledon 08. Even though I support him, I seriously doubt that he will win another Slam.

Which Wimbledon winner stopped Pete Sampras's winning streak in 2001?

Roger Federer broke Sampras's streak at Wimbledon 2001 as a 20 year old, after Wimbledon 2009 Federer broke Sampras's record of Grand Slam titles after defeating Andy Roddick 5-7 7-6 7-6 3-6 16-14

Who did nadal lose to in the final at Wimbledon this year?

Murray lost to Federer in the 2012 final.

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