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When a Golf ball is placed on a tee on the first shot played on hole, and the player hits the ball this is referred to as Teeing off or a tee off.

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Q: In which sport will you hear the term ' to tee off'?
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Which sport would you hear the term to tee off?


In which sport would you hear the term 'to tee off'?

That would be in golf, just as the golfers are about to hit the ball off of the tee.

Term tee is used in which sport?


What four letter sport start with a t?

Golf, you tee off, thats how it starts

What sport is a tee involved with?


What sport needs a tee and caddy?


Is tee- ball a summer sport?


What is the first stoke that is played off the tee-off box?

A tee shot.

What sport uses the term tee?

Golf - IOt sa small plasic cone placed in the ground that supports athe golfball - Its used to stop damage to the "tee" a grassey area used to start each "hole"

Can one tee off outside of tee markers?

A player is allowed to tee off within 2 club lengths behind the Tee markers but not outside. However a player can stand outside the markers to Tee off but the ball must be inside the markers

Is it illegal to tee off with a found broken tee?


What is the meaning of the expression tee off?

The little holder for a golf ball is called a tee - when you tee off, you start a golf game by hitting the ball off of the holder.

Who tees off from the tee?

at the begining of every one of the 18 holes each player must tee off from the tee Answer By FutureLPGAgolferI tee off from the tee! (and everyone else who plays golf holes.)

What sport uses a tee?

Golf! In golf, you use the tee, to set your ball on it, then you hit the ball with your selected club.

My husband wants to tee off from the ladies tee box. the red tee boxes. Is this allowed?

He can if he wants to, but he could be the butt of many jokes! If it is general play, he can tee off from wherever he wants to, but if it is an official competition he has to tee off from the stipulated tee box. If he doesn't feel he hits the ball far enough he could simply hit off the forward tees, but if he really wants to hit off the ladies tees nothing can stop him.

What five letter word is a synonym for tee off?

Start is a synonym for tee off in the golf sense.

What sport has 4 letters and is played with clubs and starts with a tee?

The sport is golf.

What 7 letter sport begins with T?


Name of the area that golfers tee off from?

It is called the tee box.

What is a golfer said to have if he is entitled to tee off first?

If a golfer is entitled to tee off first it means he has honors.

Can a tee be used on second shot off the tee after an ob?

yes as long as your shot that went ob was on the tee.

What is the difference between the tee off marker or the tee block in golf?

There is no difference.

What is said as the players tee off at the first tee of the masters?

Fore please, now on the tee, from (location), (Players name)

What 4 letter sport begins with a T?

Golf begins with a tee.

Sport starts with a t 4 letter?

golf starts with a tee