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That would be volleyball

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Q: In which sport is the 'spike' a powerful smash over the net?
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In which sport can you spike the ball over the net?

the sport u can spike the ball over the net is vollyball. the spike is also known as a slam

Is Quoits a sport?

It's somewhere between a sport and a game. Quoits involves the throwing of metal, rope or rubber rings over a set distance, usually to land over or near a spike. The game/sport of "horseshoes" is somewhat related.

Can you die from taking spike max?

No spike max is unhealthy if you over do it, but it will not kill you.

What are 6 questions about volleyball that the answer is volleyball?

What sport starts with a v? In what sport do you bump, set and spike? What kind of ball do you use in volleyball? What sport has a high net htat you have to serve over? What sport has the terms dig, hit, and block? What sport can you play on the beach and in a gym? What sport is awesome? Sorry, I know thats 7 i just put another one on just in case

Rules of ultimate frisbee?

Frisbee is a non contact sport. it is self ref sport. you can not walk with the disc. if your team misses the throw and it hits the ground or the other team catches it it is a turn-over. there is no picking. you can not hold the disc for more than a count of ten. if you do it is a turn over. DONT SPIKE THE DISC

A fight against Spike and Edward Who would win?

Spike would win all the way Edward is like Gay at fighting I mean like he can fight but not as good as Spike . If Spike gets a good punch the fight is over. Spike Wins

Volleyball-What is an attempt by a player to win a point by hitting the ball over the net?

spike/ hit/attack

When would you use a volley pass in volleyball?

you would use... a pass/ bump to control the ball once it comes back over a set/ overhand pass to get the ball nice and high to the hitter a hit/ spike to smash the ball in the other teams face!

What is volleyball spike?

A spike can also be called a hit in volleyball. It is when you hit the ball over the net to the other team and score a point for it.

What do i do when my horn is stuck on?

You smash it over and over until it stops. Your welcome.

What Spike Lee movie finds a woman asking three boyfriends over for Thanksgiving dinner?

What Spike Lee movie finds a woman asking three boyfriends over for Thanksgiving dinner?

What angle should you spike the volleyball over the net?

90 degrees